National Conference “Impressions 2015” Contemporary Issues in Clothing, Fashion and Textiles

Department of Fashion and Apparel Design had organized a one day National level Conference-“IMPRESSIONS 2015” Contemporary Issues in Clothing, Fashion and Textiles on September 4th 2015 in our very own campus Garden City College. National Conference “IMPRESSIONS” is the brain child of our Honorable Chairman His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G, Honorary consul of Republic of Maldives in Bangalore.
This being the 3rd National Conference conducted by the Department of Fashion and Apparel Design saw a grand success with total 92 participants of other colleges and institutes along with students from Garden City College.
Ms. Shwetha Pai. N, Assistant Professor, was convener and Ms.Madhavee, Assistant Professor, was co-convener and Ms. Yashaswini, Assistant Professor was organizing secretary. Ms.Abhineet Prakash Kalra, Assistant Professor and Ms. Anu Rachel John, Research Associate from Department of Fashion and Apparel Design were committee members.
The team was successful in inviting participation and papers from different colleges across Karnataka and various other states. We received papers for presentation from professors, research scholars, and students from Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kerala and Mumbai. We had participants from various colleges like vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Army Institute of Fashion and Design, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies, Bhartiar University, PSG college-Coimbatore, Assumption college-Kerala, SSM College, Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Sri Jayendra saraswathi Maha vidyalaya etc. We were successful in receiving 92 participants for the conference.
The conference was inaugurated by the Honorable chief guest Mr.P.R Krishnan, General Manager (Operations), Ram Kumar Mills, Principal Garden City College of science and management studies Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar, Vice –Principal Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury (Academics), vice-principal (Administrative) Dr.Sr. Agnes Anthony. The inaugural ceremony was also graced by the esteem presence of Dr.H.L Vijay Kumar and Ms. Leela Mohan as chairpersons for 2 sessions. Papers were presented on the topics technical textiles, visual merchandising, globalization of fashion industry, eco textiles etc.
The audiences were mesmerized with an excellent presentation by 23 paper presenters from various fields of expertise. The conference was conducted in two sessions of fore noon and afternoon in 2 different venues 1st being the Room 12 and 2nd in the Room 11 of west block.
The response and feed back from the guest, chairpersons and the participants was very good and they were overwhelmed with the hospitality, food and arrangements made for the conference.
We thank our chairman his Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G for his kind support and encouragement. We extend our gratitude to our principal Dr. Siddaramaih pujar for his unconditional support and motivation, Vice principals, teaching and non-teaching staff for their support extended in making this conference successful.

Media Sparks – National Seminar organized by the Dept. of Media Studies

The department of Media Studies has successfully hosted the day long National Seminar Media

Spark 2015 on Social Media 3600. The seminar brought together stalwarts from the media

profession, academicians and journalism experts from all over the country for intensive

discussions and interactions on various aspects of new media, especially associated with the

rising phenomenon of Social Networking. The event saw heartfelt and large-scale participation

of 100 delegates accompanied by students from states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana,

Chhattisgarh as well as Union Territory Pondicherry besides the far and width of Karnataka.

Themes like social media and administration, social media and youth, social media and

contemporary issues, social media, constitutional perspectives and democracy were deliberated

upon. Researchers dealing with numerous aspects of social media raised relevant questions

which gave way for knowledge sharing and this path-breaking session called for intense

exchange of ideas and debates.

One of the premier attractions of Media Spark was the launch of “MEDIA MATTERS” a

journal publication from the Dept. of Media Studies, Garden City College. This publication

serves as a platform for research scholars, academicians and students to publish their research

works and encourages them further towards research activities in the field of Mass

Communication and Journalism. The journal was launched by Padma Sri AS Kiran Kumar

Chairman ISRO, who was the Guest of Honor for the esteemed occasion.

I take this opportunity to thank our beloved Chairman Dr. Joseph V G, Honorary Consul of the

Republic of Maldives, whose consistent support and guidance paved the way for this one of its

own, exemplary National Seminar on Social Media 3600. I would like to thank all the participants

who graced the occasion and made it a rousing success. At the same I would also want to thank

the faculty members and student volunteers of the Media Dept. who constantly worked on the

event to make it a grand accomplishment.

Biorujivith – 2015, A National Conference on Food and Safety – A challenge to the food safety

The Conference was organised by Department of Life Sciences, Garden City College of Science and Management Studies, Bangalore 49, in association with Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (I) – Bangalore chapter
The conference aimed to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, students as well as industrial professionals all over India to share their knowledge, concern and innovative technologies ensuring in upholding the safety and nutritive quality of food for the healthy society.
Dr.Alok Shah, the guest of Honour for the dayinaugurated the conference accompanied by Dr.SiddaramaiahPujar, Dr. M. M. Naidu, Dr.ShylajaDharmesh, Mr. Chetan and Mr. Sachin.
Dr. Shah enlightened the gathering about the nitigrities of the food industry and walked us through the various extenuation challenges in food industries through his key note address.
Dr.Madhava Naidu in the technical session lured the gathering into an informative session that spoke about the quantum of efforts involved in the processing of spices and condiments.
The session was carried forward vibrantly by Dr.Shylaja Dharmesh who spoke on “Can diet be an effective alternative tool against cancer”.
Mr. ChetanHanchate and Mr. Sachin took over the dias and threw light on the topics of “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” and “Current Situation of regulatory norms and dynamics related to food safety for food industry”, respectively.
The post lunch period witnessed 20 research paper presentations from individuals hailing from across the country. Dr.Challaraj Emmanuel was awarded for the best paper presentation.

Hindi Conference, 2015 – “Hindi Katha Sahitya Mein Aadhuniktawad”

Hindi – a language that is spoken by more than 180 million people in India, is said to have originated from Prakrit, though it later showed influences of Sanskrit, besides Turkish, Arabic, English to name a few. Hindi Literature is said to have begun somewhere in the middle of the 19th century.
It is basically categorized into four parts – the age of Bharatendu, Dwivedi Yug, the Chhayavad Yug, and the Contemporary Period onwards. It was during this period that the standard Hindi dialect or the “Khari Boli” was used in poetry and prose.
Famously known as the “Adhunik Kaal”, this period in Hindi Literature witnessed the emergence of well–known and gifted writers, but, it is mainly represented by Munshi Premchand, Jayshankar Prasad, Rai Krishna Das and Mahadevi Varma.
There were other important fictional Hindi writers of the contemporary period namely, Jainendra Kumar (Sunita and Tyagapatra, Sukhada, Vivarta), Phanishwar Nath Renu (Maila Anchal), Satchinanda Vatsyayan (Sekhar Ek Jivani), Dharamvir Bharati (Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda), etc.
As far as literary criticism was concerned, Dr. Nagendra and Dr. Namwar Singh held respectable positions in this arena.
Drama too saw some great writers; Upendranath ‘Ashk’, Jagdish Chandra Mathur (Konark), Lakshminarayan Lal (Sukha Sarovar) and Mohan Rakesh (Asadha Ka Ek Din, Lahraon Ke Rajahamsa and Adhe-Adhure) to name a few.
In order to pay a tribute to the age of modern writing and the writers, the Department of Languages, of Garden City College organized a One-Day National Conference on the Modernization in Hindi Literature or “ Hindi Katha Sahitya Mein Adhuniktawad” on 15th September 2015.
From the planning to the invitation, to the commencement and completion, the Department of Languages left no stone unturned, to conduct this conference. E–invites were sent to various colleges, inviting the learned and interested academicians, to participate, share, discuss and enlighten the listeners about the importance of the “Rashtriya Bhasha”.
The event commenced with the registration that began at 9:00 a.m. The delegates were given ID cards and registration kits and then escorted to the Green House where a sumptuous breakfast awaited them.
After everyone had gathered in the auditorium, the MCs welcomed the chief guest for the occasion, Dr. Biresh Kumar, Senior Lecturer at National Testing Service – India, Central Institute of Indian Languages. A man of great intellect and experience, Dr. Biresh shared words of wisdom and enlightened the audience about the theme of the conference.
The inauguration consisted of the lamp lighting ceremony and the invocation dance which was followed by the felicitation of Dr. Biresh Kumar and his address on the importance of the modern Hindi Literature. He mainly spoke of the changes in society and its effects on Literature.
This was followed by a tea break, after which the honourable chairpersons for the technical sessions – Dr. Vinay Kumar Yadav and Dr. Mythili P. Rao – were felicitated. The delegates then proceeded to the respective venues for paper presentation.
The morning session consisted of fifteen paper presentations, while the afternoon session had the same number of paper presentations. From the changing attitudes towards literature to the influence of other languages, from women’s literature to changing trends; every topic was a revelation. Not only were the presenters eager to express their views, the chairpersons too, from time to time, guided and questioned the participants accordingly. Ideas, thoughts, theories flowed from every direction; with everyone hoping that they would contribute in some way towards making the national language better and bigger.
At the end of these sessions, everyone assembled at the Media Lab, for the Valedictory ceremony. The MCs summed up the events of the day and a report on the conference as well as the vote of thanks presented. Later everyone partook of the networking tea and left happy and satisfied with their certificates, hoping to come again the following year.


The Department of Languages of Garden City College inaugurated the Literary Club, Cine Club and the Theatre Club on the 31st of July, 2015 at 10.00 a.m. The guest for the day was Dr. Amita Santiago, Head of the Department of Languages, CMR Institute of Management Studies. Students belonging to the Departments of Journalism, Psychology and English assembled for the event filled with excitement and interest.

The event began with the arrival of the guest, Dr. Santiago who was accompanied by Dr. Payel Dutta Chouwdhury, Vice Principal and Head of Department of Languages. Dr. Chowdhury delivered the welcome address, where she mentioned about the establishment of the Department of Languages and its progress as well as how the inauguration of the three clubs was established, to enable students so that they could organize and participate in different activities that would supplement their learning activities and prepare them for the future. Following this the Theatre Club, the Cine Club and the Literary Club were inaugurated by the appointed student representatives. With the guest profile being read, the guest of the day, Dr. Amita Santiago was felicitated. Dr. Amita Santiago completed her M.A. from the University of Bangalore, specializing in Linguistics and Commonwealth Literature. She completed her Ph.D on the “Gospel account to Babylon: A critique of white Christian theology through select Caribbean text, towards a Caribbean self definition” in the year 2009 from the University of Bangalore. She enlightened the audience on contemporary concerns in Culture Studies. She emphasized mainly on how culture plays a major role in forming the base of any field, be it cinema, literature or theatre. According to her, “It is the void that we enter and perform on, which in turn allows us to make good use of its space. It allows expression and impression.” Dr. Santiago was impressed with the inauguration ceremony and wished good luck to the entire team with the events planned for the rest of the academic year. The event concluded with a group photograph.

The freshers who had recently entered the college as well as all those who were gathered were provided with a clear insight into the different events to be held for the rest of the year.

My Pre-budget overview…awareness

So let me confuse you. As we know Europeans died in the oceans in search of the nation called India. There was a time India was the country of the civilized ones like Egypt and Mesopotamia, the tale of the twin cities Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. Aryans came to India and stopped migrating anywhere else , the rich greenery and the natural treasure not only own their heart but also gave them the belief that the Viking can live a Vegetarian life if the nation , the home is India , the land of Ganges and Indus surrounded by the legendary Himalayas , the Hindu Kush and the Indian ocean . (more…)

English Conference 2015

The 4th 2-day International Conference on “Transitions: Literature, Language, and Culture – Post 1980” organized by the Department of Languages on 6th and 7th February 2015 saw a widespread participation from every nook and corner of the country. ENGCONF2015 – the fourth conference organized by the department in a row – witnessed the participation of 366 delegates – academicians, research scholars, and students – from 94 different cities, representing 185 institutions across the country. The first day of the conference was graced by Dr. Sachidananda Mohanty, (more…)

Mega Job Fair 2014, 12th July 2014 @ Garden City College, Bangalore

Garden City College is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and NAAC accredited institution offering various programs in Science and Management Studies. As a part of corporate social responsibility, every year a Job Fair is organized for the benefit of fresh graduates and experienced graduates. This year the 11th Edition of Mega Job Fair was held on 12th July 2014. This year the Job Fair was organized in association with Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation (Central Placement Cell), Government of Karnataka on 12th July 2014. 48 Companies from Retail, Automobile, Healthcare, (more…)

PG Graduation Day

The graduation day was held on 10th May 2014 at the Garden City College auditorium. The event started sharp at 3.30pm. The students were seated accordingly wearing their graduation gown. The colour codes for girls were green and for boys were black and white. The guest of honour was Mr. R. Shivakumar who is the President for The Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI). The students who graduated were from the departments of MBA, MCA, MTA, M.Sc Biotechnology, (more…)


Garden City College is well- known for its innovative ideas and one among them was INNOKRIYA, the media club which provides bright opportunity to the students who taken up Media Studies. For students who are interested in photography, reporting, interviewing and making documentaries it opens up many avenues for every possible job related to media studies. (more…)