Garden City College NSS – To the Home of Hope

The NSS unit of GCC undertook a venture of service by visiting Tan old age home cum orphanage by the name “Home of Hope”. This centre was started by Mr. TRaja (nicknamed ‘Auto Raja”) 15 years back. The rehabilitation centre functions under the New Ark Mission and is solely dedicated to rescuing and rebuilding the lives of destitute and dying people of the busy streets of the metropolitan city of  Bengaluru.

The  residents  of  the  centre  are  mostly  mentally challenged people who are left homeless on the streets of Bengaluru.The Home of Hope family consists of 170 men, 170 women, and44 children accompanied by 27 staff members. The children are offered proper  education  and  healthy  accommodation.  “We say it’s God’s grace to have found such a nest”, says Mr. James, Manager of the Centre. (more…)


Gardenia – A Green promise finally took off at the college campus with the turn out being better than the past few years, with students participating from all the renowned colleges of the city. Eventsconducted by the Life Science Department – BIO RUJIVITH aroused the curiosity of the visiting students as well as the participants owing to the skillful naming of the events and rounds. (more…)

Auditions for ‘Gardenia’ starts today!

GCC has been preparing for the grand fest ‘Gardenia-a green promise’ with much enthusiasm. All Gardenians are working hard to make this mega event a success. Today, all auditions for cultural events would take place in the Auditorium. All those talented young individuals are invited to showcase their talents and to be fortunate to perform on the grand stage of ‘Gardenia’. (more…)


Auditions for fashion show’, ‘Auditions for mc’ing’, ‘auditions for ‘cultural events’ are some of the words you will see around the campus these days. All Gardenians have geared up to make the 16th edition of ‘Gardenia’ a memorable one. All those freshers who have just joined GCC are working hard and waiting eagerly to see what’s in store for their first ‘Gardenia’. And the seniors who are in their second, third and fourth years are counting days for the grand fest, since they know that each time something unique is presented through ‘Gardenia.’ (more…)


Bangalore  is  a  beautiful  contemporary  city  that marries glitz with tradition. Though the population of the city prides itself in being educated and literate, what people here sorely lack is civic sense. These days, it is almost impractical to walk on the side roads not having to dodge potholes and dog faeces. I mean, the major cause of traffic that piles up in the city is because of cows and buffalos making themselves at home on the middle of the road while their owners are not at all bothered about the raging situation. There is not a single area in the city which can be even closely associated  with  the  word,  ‘Hygienic’…  the  elevators  for example, it is absolutely impossible to travel in one without having to notice the extremely filthy red paan stains on the sides. And what’s worse, the noxious fumes coming out of the unauthorised garbage dumps all around the city. It is sad to know that a major chunk of literate people contribute to disposing of garbage in public areas in the city. Why is it that we as Indians have such poor civic sense? Why is it that we do  not consider  public  property as  belonging to all  of  us, rather than to none of us? We do not have the patience to stop at the bins, disembark from our vehicles and put the garbage inside the metal bins through the openings provided. We try our luck with our aims and most of the time the garbage bags hit the bin and end up beside it. Civic sense, or rather the lack of it, is a matter of grave concern as most of us do not care much for it. This attitude is prevalent across all sections of society. (more…)


Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) conducted a screening camp for multiple sclerosis patients on 7th December 2011 at BOSCH Sports Complex, Adugodi.  I Year MPT students from Garden City College of Physiotherapy attended the program where they were given a chance to interact with patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. (more…)


An  anatomy  quiz  was  organized  for the  first  year BPT students  on  1.12.2011  at  Garden  City  College  of Physiotherapy. The chairperson was Dr. Anjali Suresh. It was conducted by Dr. Annie and was attended by Dr. Naveen. The topic  for the  quiz was  ‘thorax’. The  participants were  selected after a preliminary round which was conducted for all the first year students. There were four finalists: Ms. Asma Basnet, Ms. Priya Desai, Ms. Lipika Shakya and Ms. Riya Jalmi. (more…)