Garden City College witnessed the amalgamation of ideations and thoughts on the contemporary changes in the field of literature which marked the beginning of the two-day long international English seminar, ENGCONF-2012. On the periphery of a global perspective and the recent trends on a gamut of literary genres, the seminar observed people from 17 Indian states, 66 cities and 2 foreign countries to showcase and present their papers regarding to the themes cited. The conference invited insightful papers on subjects which were not exhaustive but illustrative.



‘An Island of thousand treasures’ Feel the spirit Sri Lankan Fest at GCC

Garden City College is known for the wonderful hospitality and the emphasis they give to life to allthose who are associated with them. Proving this once again, Sri Lankan students were given a chance to gettogether and share the spirit of their country at GCC together with students from other countries.The Sri Lankan student community has lined up many events and games for today for everyone to enjoy. The events willtake place at the GCC Sports complex wherein all Sri Lankan traditional games will be played. With the sunset, thecultural extravaganza will be held with the participation of many Sri Lankan students performing their wonderfultraditional dances and other colourful performances. The event will conclude with a sumptuous dinner where everyonecould enjoy a delicious authentic Sri Lankan meal.

Gardenians, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity where you could enjoy and meet friends from the wonderful IslandSri Lanka and get a feel of the culture and traditions of another country.

We invite all of you to join us today and experience the beauty of ‘an island of t h o u s a n dtreasures’ right in your college premises.