INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory) AND CSRTI(Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute)

A one day trip to DFRL and CSRTI was organized on 8th June 2012, for the 2nd and 4th semester M.Sc. Microbiology students by the Department of Microbiology, Garden City College.

The group consisted of 45 students and 3 faculty members. We were provided bus from a travel agency to visit the place.

On reaching DFRL the students got to know about the different aspects of this unit of the Defence services, where renowned scientist and expertise from the food industry apply the knowledge and experience in creating such instant food products which will be highly beneficial for the soldiers living in hardship in the battle field. The experts named such food products as rations, viz., Meals Ready to Eat Rations (MRE) etc.

The experts also mentioned the latest technologies they apply on the food products to keep them fresh and nutritious even after many days and sometimes months, like thermo packing etc.

From DFRL the students were taken to CSRTI which is basically a sericulture research institute. There the students were informed about the general aspects of sericulture and also some experts explained them the construction, functioning and usefulness of electron microscope.

All in all it was a great and knowledgeable experience.  It was thoroughly enjoyed by all…


INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO ARISTOGENE by the students of Garden City College

As we are nearing to the end of the semester our one day trips are also in a way indicating to it. This time we packed up for ARISTOGENE , the pioneer in research studies and the one company from where all our lab testing kits come from.

Aristogene Biosciences Modern Biology was founded in the year 2006 by a group of scientists with extensive industrial experience in the areas of biotechnology for over two decades. Our HOD Mr Prabhakara G.S was kind enough to organise a trip for us even at the nick of the moment. The tour was organised to give us the actual glimpse of the research work and the way things are carried out in a lab in a more commercial way. The day was 2nd june and  the destination ARISTOGENE BIOSCIENCES PVT LTD, RAJAJINAGAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE accompanied by Mr Ashok and Ms Proma Chakraborty. A gloomy looking under construction place welcomed us but as we moved in we were introduced into a different world by Mr. Pawan Talwar, business manager Aristogene. He took us through a powerpoint presentation that basically dealt with the industry progress and its requirement in the future.