Garden City College – A host to students from 72 Countries!!

If IPL claims to have brought players from different nationalities under one banner, GCC can legally announce to have homogenously blended the students (the future pillars of any country), of various nations for a better world. This institution has provided the platform for students from about 72 countries to work together and later to render useful services not only to India but to the world as well. We, as Indians, are quite mesmerized with the prospect of having international friends, classmates and roommates and are grateful to GCC for giving us such an opportunity but a question lies here: what is the foreign nationals’ take on GCC and India?

The best way to find the answer for this question is to directly converse with the foreign nationals in person. “I love GCC for it’s simply wow! It’s a great place to explore your hidden talents. Moreover, this is my first stay away from home but I don’t feel homesick. Such is the ambience here! I love to be in India for it has allowed me to interact with people from various and interesting cultures.  ” says Ridma Welikalla, an energetic and perky Sri Lankan damsel. Ridma also conveys her thanks to GCC for providing her with such an opportunity which she thinks will go a long way in helping her become successful in life. “GCC has given me the opportunity to exercise freedom and hence rediscover myself. I am also happy at the security they provide for hostelites here. As for India, I love Indian culture” replies Damsha Chiranjali Jayasundaram, a Sri Lankan. Chizobam, a Nigerian, describes Indians as extremists, “They always put extreme amounts of salt, sugar and spice in their food!” exclaims Chizo in the characteristic African style of exclaiming. Aida Chevoshan, a quiet and composed Irani with a pleasant personality says she loves India, and “that is the foremost reason why I came to India. I love the culture and I am fond of the Hindi language.” It should be mentioned that Aida’s passion regarding India had prompted her to learn Hindi and her fluency in that language is remarkable.  When Thao from Vietnam and Kong Ki Hong from South Korea were asked ‘Do you like India?’ they answered, “We don’t like India. We love India.”  Thao also mentioned that she likes the motto of GCC, ‘Emphasis is on life’ and she is happy that she is getting the opportunity to mingle with students from different parts of the world. She is satisfied with her teachers and on the whole, she considers this as a novel experience.  Sweet, chubby, and humble Rittika Rani Barma from Nepal thinks that the word good applies to everything in India. “ I like almost everything in India- the people, the cultures, the languages. GCC is good as well.” Yu Seoyoung and Rujira Chansuk from South Korea and Thailand respectively think better roads in India are needed but both of them think that GCC is probably the best college in India. “The campus is lovely!” exclaims Yu when asked what she likes about GCC. Aishat Shama from Maldives also nurtures the same views on GCC as Yu.

Different foreigners have different descriptions of GCC and India but there is one particular topic on which they share the same verdict: “The food, it’s terrible!” they all proclaim. Some find it bland and tasteless, some too spicy but all of them agree that a tough time during meals is an insignificant sacrifice they need to make when they consider what they are getting in return from GCC.

We do acknowledge, whether consciously or subconsciously, that though we are linguistically and culturally separated, it’s the same sun that shines on us and GCC emphasizes it by providing a common platform for students from all over the world to interact and to foster a general feeling of togetherness.


Garden City College pays tribute to Rabindranath Tagore

Puraano sei diner kotha

Bhulbi kire hai o sei

Chokher dekha, praner kotha.

Se ki bhola jai?”

“O how can you forget those pleasant moments of the past,

the meeting of the eyes, the speaking out of what is there in our hearts?

Is it something that can be forgotten?”

Such is the versatility of Rabindranath Tagore where the above song (only the first stanza is quoted) can be sung to a lover, or a close family member or to oneself when one is reflecting on the beautiful moments of his/her life that are left behind. The masterpiece was written by one of the most celebrated poets in the world, Rabindranath Tagore, whose works still has a profound impact on Bengali and national literature. His mortal remains have perished, but he has become immortal through his evergreen poems, songs and proses. 150 years after his death, he is still remembered with reverence, not only by Bengalis but by the whole country.

On 18th August, Garden City College paid homage to this Nobel laureate by organizing a short cultural programme followed by a theme dinner. The programme commenced from 5:30 in the evening and continued till 8:30. The event was honored by Mr. Adhip Chaudhury, IAS and our Chairman His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G., as our chief guests. The Programme started with a dance on Tagore’s infamous song “Jodi tor dak shune keu na aashe tobe ekla cholo re”. The dance was accompanied by a slideshow graphically depicting each line of the song. The slideshow was followed by some of the audience members singing a few of the most beautiful songs in Tagore’s catalogue. Mr. Adhip Chaudhury was called onstage to give a speech where he enlightened the audience by narrating some anecdotes on Tagore’s life. He mentioned the story about a young Tagore, who threw up a tantrum after seeing his two elder brothers going to school, and howled, “I too want to go to school”. At that time, Tagore was privately tutored by a number of teachers. To stop the impudent Tagore, one of the headmasters slapped him hard across the cheek and said, “Now you are crying to go to school. Later you will cry not to go to school.” If one is to see the academic qualification of Tagore, one might take the teacher’s remark more as a prophecy than as a reprimanding remark, for Tagore didn’t last more than 8 months in any school.

Apart from the singing and dancing programmes, the event consisted recitations of some of Tagore’s poems and a couple of slideshows showing his life and works. The unique form of dance invented by Tagore was also portrayed in the programme. The programme concluded with a fashion show that specifically portrayed Bengali fashion at its best. It was concluded by the singing of the National Anthem ‘ Jana Gana Mana’ which is also written by the great Rabindranath Tagore.

Lastly, the cultural programme was followed by a theme dinner. The menu and the preparation would have tickled the taste buds of any Bengali and compelled him/her to feel homesick. It started with the traditional Bengali starter ‘Luchi r Chholar Dal’, which gave way to the main course consisting of ‘ Chingri Machher Malaikari’ and ‘ Mangsho’. The feast ended with the world famous Bengali desserts ‘ Chatni r Papor’, ‘Rosogolla’ and ‘Pantua’.


Department of Media Studies inaugurates the Media Club..Its SHOWTIME

Department of Media Studies all set to unveil

INNOKREA: The Media Club

The Department of Media Studies, Garden City College will be inaugurating The Media Club on September 28 in the college premises. A world without communication is unimaginable and today with rapidly developing technology and newer mediums of communication being invented, the role of Media and its impact on the society is extremely crucial. (more…)

GCC bagged the Bangalore University Basketball Championship!!!!!

GCC declared BU Champions in Basketball 2nd time in a row.

GCC Basketball team did it again! On September 23, GCC Boys Basketball team defeated St. Francis College in the finals of the Bangalore University Inter collegiate tournament. GCC bagged the rolling trophy on the grounds of St. Joseph’s Art and Science College in Bangalore under the captaincy of Kizito Ceaser, who led the team to win the title for the 2nd time in row. GCC Women’s Basketball Team also brought laurels to the college when they won the runners-up trophy in the Inter-Collegiate tournament conducted by Bangalore University. The team defeated Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore. (more…)

God’s Place; Jamhuri Ya Kenya

Located on the eastern side of Africa, Kenya lies on the equator. Achieving its independence in 1963, the Republic of Kenya is divided into provinces with each province headed by a Provincial Commissioner.

Kenya has around 42 different tribes who have come from various parts of Africa before choosing Kenya to settle down. The major tribes are The Kikuyu constituting around 22% of the population, The Kambas, Maasai, Kalenjin , Luhya, Luo and Meru. Members belonging to these tribes can be distinguished primarily by their different physical characteristics like height, skin and colour. The Culture and the staple food also vary with the tribes. (more…)

NCC students of Garden City College go for trekking to Shivagange

3/9 COY NCC, Garden City College had planned a day-long trek to Shivagange on September 16 with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. We started at 7 am. A pleasant two-hour ride on Tumkur Road took us to the lofty, rocky hillock called Shivagange. To enjoy the climb and still have extra energy for the rest of the day, you must leave Bangalore before sunrise.

Geographically speaking, Shivagange is about 65 km from the city on the NH4 which leads to Tumkur. Buses from both Majestic and K R Market are available to Dobbaspet from where a hitched ride or auto ride can take you to Shivagange.

The climb up the hill is pretty steep.  As the altitude rises, the steps disappear and the climb becomes pretty arduous. The water at the temple is considered to be as holy as the river Ganges. There is a statue of Nandi on the top carved on a single stone. Due to Shivagange’s beautiful location and people’s faith, a large number of devotees come here every year.

How to reach:

Bangalore à Nelamangala à Banavadi à Sivagange

Exact Location: It is about 65 kms from Bangalore near Dobbaspet Village.

Nearest town: Bangalore (65 km), Tumkur (8km)

Best time to visit: October to March

Worst time to visit: Sankranti as there is a lot of rush during that time.


GCC hosts the biggest sports fest , AGON 2012

AGON Garden City College is hosting its largest sport convention AGON 2012 on September 26, 27 and 28. Students from colleges and Universities across the country will be competing in tournaments involving Basketball, Football and Cricket. Participating institutions include St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore; Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore; Satyabhama University, Tamil Nadu as well as many other prominent colleges and universities.

The Department of Physical Education at Garden City College heartily welcomes all participants and wishes each competitor the very best.


GCC Hosts Grand Parade

Saturday was a red letter day for the Departments of Life Sciences, Computer Science and Management Studies as the students and teachers converged at the Lagoon for the Grand Parade. The GCC Grand Parade is a matter of pride for every student, as it provides an opportunity for each student to show gratitude to their parents, for the untiring efforts  and never-ending support that motivates them. The Grand Parade is an occasion where we honor representatives from the parent community, an integral part of the  GCC family. Along with parents, guests from various corporate sector as well as alumni are invited, to witness a grand display of discipline, honor and talent.

The Lagoon provided a picturesque setting for the Grand Parade, when it began early Saturday evening. The dignitaries, including parents, corporate guests and alumni members were escorted to the dais by our beloved Principal Prof. Bharathi N., accompanied by our Vice-Principal Prof. Kalyansundaram, and the Heads of the various Departments. The Parade commander Company Senior Under Officer Tanvir Khalique presented the general salute and requested permission for the commencement of the parade, following which the dignitaries were requested to inspect the parade. Escorted by NCC pilots, the honorable guests inspected each company: beginning with the NCC cadets, the Pioneer Core Center Band, and successive companies of the Life Sciences, Computer Science and Management Studies Departments.

The call for ‘Nishan Toli Parade Par’ was given after the inspection, which marked the honoring of the GCC flag. Flag bearers marched in bearing the GCC Flag and the gathering rose to honor the flag with the GCC anthem, ‘Emphasis is on Life’ playing in the background. It was truly a surreal moment during the day, where each student and their parent felt an ever-lasting connection with our Garden City College. After the Flag salute, Parade Commander CSUO Tanvir Khalique commanded the march past to begin. In an exemplary display of discipline and commitment, GCC students marched and saluted the guests of honor for the evening: the Parents.

The march past was concluded with an amazing display of showmanship and teamwork: the Band Display by the Pioneer Core Center Band. Led by Band Master Nayib Subedar Votey, the Pioneer Core Center Band enthralled the audience. With their red and black kilts swaying to the tune of their bagpipes, while the drums kept rhythm, the Band performed a series of increasingly complex formations, never once losing a beat. The display ended with a huge round of applause from the spell-bound audience.

The Grand Parade came to a close with the Flag lowering and Flag folding ceremonies. The Flag Drill, an event that is unique only to Garden City College, was conducted. The GCC flag was folded systematically and handed over to Senior Under Officer Shelly Simon, who marched away with the flag. The Grand Parade thus came to a grand finish with the  national anthem. Following this, CSUO Tanvir Khalique requested permission from the dignitaries for closure of the parade.

The air of discipline was relaxed and the second half of the Grand Parade began soon at dusk. A friendly match of tug-of-war between Garden City College and KYM, a professional tug-of-war team from Kerala entertained the audience. KYM is an acclaimed team of athletes who have several awards and medals to their glory. The Garden City College teams 1 & 2, played two consecutive games, which unfortunately were lost to the visiting team. Speaking to elan, Gaurav Patnaik, who played for GCC team 2 said, “[The game] was a truly once-in-a lifetime experience, to compete with a team that plays national and international level tournaments. Team effort plays a much more important role than individual strengths in tug-of-war.”

The cultural programmes were an added bonus to the day’s list of events. As the audience gathered in the Auditorium after refreshments, they were treated to a splash of art, music and dance from the talented students from the three departments. The welcome dance by Ms. Raka Mondol, from the Department of Management Studies, brought a welcome spark of energy to the evening. During the course of the evening, the Parents of Honor, along with the Corporate guests and alumni were felicitated on the dais by our beloved Principal, on behalf of the Garden City family. The parents reminisced about their own days in college and stressed that the current students need to recognize the value of student life. The honorable guests also addressed the students on several key issues, such as healthy competitiveness, efficient time management and right work ethic.

The events for the evening concluded with a Vote of Thanks and National Anthem.


The Emerald of Equator : Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the south-east asian country with the capital city name Jakarta. It consists of more than 17,000 islands with five largest islands (Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya), in which, each and every place has a different language and tradition.  Hence, Indonesia’s national motto is “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” which means “Unity in Diversity”. The main language spoken in Indonesia is Indonesian. It is quiet similar to Malaysian language.

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is a small island located near Java island, famous for its beautiful beaches, rice fields, mountains and also for its culture. The other name for Bali is “Paradise Island”.  Most of the foreigners from western countries choose Bali as a place to ‘escape’  the frozen  winters at their place since Indonesia is a tropical country and has only summer and rainy seasons.

Indonesian food is quite similar to chinese cuisine. It is because the Indonesian culture is influenced by  Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources. Spices and herbs are commonly used for making soups and gravy. One of the example is ‘Ketoprak’, a mixeture of nut sauce and vegetables (sometimes eggs). It is very popular and easy to get or even to make.

There are more than twenty cultures in Indonesia with every place having a different traditional attire. However, the main attire for women mostly is called “Kebaya”. Indonesian people hardly dress up traditionally, we wear our traditional attire only when there are some events like marriage or else when performing the traditional dance.

Indonesia is a vibrant and a culturally rich country fast developing into one of the major tourist destinations of Asia. With its pleasant climate, warm hospitality of people and some beautiful unexplored locales Indonesia can prove to be the ideal spot for a holiday.