GCC Sports – GCC All Set for GPL Season 10!

Garden City College is proud to announce the inauguration of the Season 10 of the Garden City Premier League (GPL) on Wednesday, August 21. Modeled on the flamboyant style of IPL, GPL has continued to attract the best cricketing teams from various colleges for nine years. GPL Season 10 is expected to witness over 30 of the finest cricket teams battle it out on the pitch in the nail biting series of knock-out matches. (more…)

GCC celebrates 67th INDEPENDENCE DAY

The morning of the 67th year of our independence started off with the GCC anthem thus starting off the event on a poignant note. Independence was achieved after long years of toil and signified the end of a long age oppression and the celebration of this golden day was no less memorable. (more…)

Report on Industrial visit to Coca-Cola

On the 31st July 2013, the department of management studies had organized an industrial visit for thirty students of the fifth semester BBM who were accompanied by two of the faculties of the department. The visit was to the coca cola plant, situated in Bidadi, Bangalore.


The visit started in the early hours of a working day by the college bus. Bidadi, a small sate light city is located in the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The group was taken to the training hall first and foremost as soon as reaching the plant. Within the industry premises Mr. Amit Raj took charge and had taken the group to the plant around noon and briefed up with the introduction about the plant as well as the number of production lines. The beverages they produce are Thumbs Up, Maaza, Sprite, Fanta, Coke and Kinley. The production lines are separate for Maaza and water. Mr. Amit Raj also mentioned about every activity happening in the plant like washing of bottles, filling, capping, labeling and packaging. He also answered the queries of the students regarding marketing and manufacturing.


The plant is fully automated. Students were amazed at the speed at which the process occurred and how the automated systems could work according to the requirements. The manufacturing process adopted by them is batch process. The visit concluded by the afternoon. The industrial visit to Coca-cola was an enriching experience for students in getting live exposure of manufacturing which can help them in their internships and further career enhancements.




On the 8thAugust the department of Fashion and apparel designing has inaugurated “The fashion club” for the academic year 2013-2014. The chief guest for the event was Prof. Satarupa Anderson, Dean, Arts and Humanities and the Head of the Department of psychology who shared her views about this club and its past activities and contributions toward the college. The head of the department of the fashion and apparel designing Prof. Uday L. Navalyal briefed the students and the faculties regarding the upcoming apparel conference 2013, a national seminar on  paradigm shift in apparel and fashion design in contemporary era which will be on 14thsep 2013 in the college premises. Miss. Sreeram Swetha, a 2nd year student has briefed about the past activities of the club during the previous academic years from 2011. The event was also enlightened by the performance of Miss. Akshaya, a 1st year student. The inauguration was informative and enlightening for all the students of the department to work as one unit on our future endeavors as a department and as one club.

Dept. of Languages inaugurates Centre for Creative Writing


The Dept. of Languages inaugurated its flagship enterprise, the Centre for Creative Writing (CCW) on Saturday, August 8. The CCW will organize add-on courses for students across all departments to build their vocabulary, strengthen their writing skills and offer a hands-on experience in writing for different genres.

The inaugural program was presided by Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury, Head, Dept. of Languages, who was accompanied by the other faculty members of the department. The guests for the day were Manideepa Sahu, an acclaimed novelist and short-story writer and Riniki Sanyal, alumnus of Garden City College.

The CCW’s first programme is a certificate course in creative writing that aims at introducing writing and its varied forms to the students. “The Center of Creative Writing is an ambitious project that combines a wide range of techniques. It will include 20 hours of teaching, supplemented by 20 hours of workshops, lectures and writing assignments that will train a student in creative writing,” Dr. Payel said. The course will consist of core modules that provide a deeper understanding towards the various genres and forms of writing, including fiction, content writing and blogging. “The course will therefore lay more emphasis on contemporary forms of writing,” Dr. Payel explained.

Riniki Sanyal, a class of ’13 alumnus of Garden City College, appreciated the efforts of the Department of Languages and of GCC in organizing such an innovative course. Speaking on making a career in writing, Sanyal explained that although creativity cannot be used in every aspect of life, it can be a vital implement if used with imagination.

The keynote lecture was delivered by Manideepa Sahu, an acclaimed novelist and short story writers, several of whose works have been published and won awards. Inviting students to explore the field of writing with an open mind, she explained that the form of writing has undergone a major revolution at this point of time. “Today we have fantasy writing, ad writing, content writing, blogging and so on. The possibilities are limitless,” she said. Encouraging students to develop a habit of reading as well as writing, she provided the students with several leads online and on popular social networking sites. She concluded her address by wishing the students the best through their course at the Centre for Creative Writing.

The events for the day concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Payel Dutta Chowdhury.

GCC’s Garden Grandeur

Garden City College was awarded 1st prize in Small Gardening and recognized for its ornamental gardens with a special award by the Mysore Horticulture Society (MHS). Bangalore’s landmark 250-acre garden, Lal Bagh Botanical Park, played host to the annual Horticultural Flower Show hosted by the MHS in association with the Dept. of Horticulture, government of Karnataka. In connection with this event, the MHS had organized a gardening competiton in which GCC was deemed first. “The gardening competetion judges maintenance, creativity, health of the plants and its managemnet. It is carried out with an intention to promote the art of gardening and horticulure,”explains M. Kuppuswamy, MHS member and organizer of the flower show. The prizes included a trophy and a citation, which were presented on Tuesday, August 13 at the Lal Bagh premises.

The felicitation ceremony was inaugurated by Shri.Anil Kumble, former international cricketer and captain of the Indian cricket team. Adressing the gathering, Kumble said that he would do his best in promoting the flower show at Lal Bagh on a global platform. Garden City College shared the stage with winners in other categories such as DRDO Township Gardens, Dell Inc., Texas Instruments and so on.


El matador- the management club held its inauguration ceremony in the college auditorium on the 3rd August 2013  and was blessed with the presence of Principal Prof.N.Bharathi and the dean of the management studies Prof.Reji. The event began with the introduction to the club and the release of the club logo. Guided by the principles of “ÄMAT VICTORIA CURAM”, the conveners Prof. Arjun and Prof. Sumitra delivered their welcome notes. This was followed by the investiture ceremony of the new event heads of the club departments; Human resources, marketing, best manager, business quiz and EDP. Then the respective event heads delivered a presentation each and also included role-plays performed by club members. The Principal delivered a note to the students encouraging them to involve themselves in the club activities.

The new inductees of the batch of 2013 were formally inducted into the club by an oath lead by the principal and the dean of management studies. This was followed by the most captivating discussion and presentation of the programme CareerPassport, Banglore which was delivered by Mr.Ganesh, who explained the benefits of training for graduates before they enter into a job. Mr.Ganesh answered questions by the intrigued audience with flair and a wide smile. Prof. Sumitra delivered the vote and thanks after which the dean shared a personal note with the students.

There is a hope kindled in my heart that the club will succeed in attaining its purpose with the support of our experienced and hard working team of conveners and members. This event marked the beginning of a long journey towards the path of perfection in the corporate sector.

VINEGAR DAY Organized By The Dept. Of Hotel Management


The Department of Hotel Management organized a Vinegar day on 1st August 2013 to enhance the knowledge about the uses of Vinegar.

Mr. Kartik R Bhat , faculty at the department developed red wine vinegar using Red Grapes. The grapes were crushed and then the juice was fermented. Following the correct procedure, a well-balanced wine was created for students to understand the effects of vinification effects of oxidation on wine. After the wine was made it was oxidized to create a fragrant red wine vinegar.

What is red wine Vinegar?

Wine vinegar is made from red or white wine, and is the most commonly used vinegar in Mediterranean countries and Central Europe. As with wine, there is a considerable range in quality. Better-quality wine vinegars are matured in wood for up to two years, and exhibit a complex, mellow flavor. Wine vinegar tends to have a lower acidity than white or cider vinegars. More expensive wine vinegars are made from individual varieties of wine, such as Champagne,sherry, or pinot gris.


Culinary uses

Vinegar is commonly used in food preparation, in particular in pickling processes, vinaigrette, and other salad dressings. It is an ingredient in sauces such as mustard,ketchup, and mayonnaise. Vinegar is sometimes used while making chutneys. It is often used as a condiment. Marinades often contain vinegar. In terms of its shelf life, vinegar’s acidic nature allows it to last indefinitely without the use of refrigeration.

  • Condiment for beetroot— cold, cooked beetroot is commonly eaten with vinegar
  • Condiment for fish and chips— in Britain, Ireland, Canada and Australia, salt and malt vinegar (or non-brewed condiment) is sprinkled on chips. In Canada, white vinegar is often used.
  • Flavoring for potato chips— many American, Canadian, British and Australian manufacturers of packaged potato chips and crisps feature a variety flavored with vinegar and salt.
  • Vinegar pie — a North American variant on the dessert called chess pie. It is flavored with a small amount of cider vinegar and some versions also contain raisins, spices and sour cream.
  • Pickling — any vinegar can be used topicklefoods.
  • Cider vinegar and sauces — cider vinegar usually is not suitable for use in delicate sauces.
  • Apple cider vinegar — Usually placed on the table in small bowls or cups so that people can dip their crab meat into it. Also mixed with water and used to steam crabs.
  • Substitute for fresh lemon juice — cider vinegar can usually be substituted for fresh lemon juice in recipes and obtain a pleasing effect although it lacks the vitamin C.
  • Saucing roast lamb— pouring cider vinegar over the meat when roasting lamb, especially when combined with honey or when sliced onions have been added to the roasting pan, produces a sauce.
  • Sweetened vinegar is used in the dish of pork knucklesandgingerstew, which is made among Chinese people of Cantonese backgrounds to celebrate the arrival of a new child.
  • Sushi rice — Japanese use rice vinegar as an essential ingredient for sushi rice.
  • Red vinegar — Sometimes used in Chinese soups
  • Flavoring — used in the Southern U.S. to flavor collard greens,green beans,black-eyed peas, orcabbageto taste.
  • Commonly put intomint sauce, for general palate preference.
  • Vinegar — especially the coconut, cane, or palm variety — is one of the principal ingredients of Philippine cuisine.
  • White vinegar can be used as flavoring in ham and beans.


The next step was to flavor the vinegar. The following flavors (Herbs and Spices) were added to the Vinegar, namely – Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Cumin, Black Pepper, Chaat Masala, Fennel, Coriander and Lemon, Cinnamon and Clove, Original Indian Marinade Recipe and the Original Red Wine Vinegar.

After the basic vinegars were ready, a Special day was year-marked. Under the expertise of Chef Mahadev Prasad, a 3 course menu was made – An vinegar based appetizer, a vinegar based main course and a vinegar based dessert. Assorted vegetable salads were made with all the above mentioned vinegar dressings.

An Investiture..!! A New Beginning..!!

The Department of languages organized the inaugural event for the Thespians- the Theatre Club, The Literary Club and the Cine Club.  The event was held in the West Block of GCC on the 3rd of August in the presence of the faculty members of the Dept of Languages and the 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester BAJ students.  Dr. Sarita Sing was the cordially invited Chief Guest for the evocative Inaugural.

The program commenced with the MC’s welcoming the Guest and the students which was followed by the introduction of the Chief Guest by Ms. Prakriti from the 3rd Semester.  Ms. Shweta read the calendar of events of the approaching year which included the activities that are to be held by the three clubs.

Not just a formal event, but the managing committee of the students also acted out a very reminiscent skit which was directed by Ms. Susri Sahu from the 5th Semester.  Another Final year student organized for a small quiz and made the show all the more stimulating and easily won audience applaud.  Mr. Rishi from the 3rd Semester proved to be an outstanding contestant who answered approximately 5 out of 10 questions and happily took away the chocolates with a spring in his step.  The skit and the quiz indeed served a great purpose in reaching out the prime motive to the students.

Dr. Sarita was invited on to the dais and she enlightened the students with her simple yet insightful words.  Mr. Suryapal Sing from the 5th Semester delivered the vote of thanks.

The basic objective as to apprise the students of the 3 clubs and the prominence of being a part of them seemed to have been accomplished. The Department of languages looks forward to an active participation from all the Gardenians along with the BAJ students.

Nuova Vita! Dept. of Life Sciences inaugurates club named “New Life”

The Department of Life Sciences had organized the inauguration of  the life sciences club on Saturday, the 3rd of August, 2013, at the auditorium. The club is envisioned to be a student-run forum under the supervision of the Department of Life Science and emphasizes on nourishing the young minds of the students with scientific facts. The club will facilitate the student members with recent scientific updates and make them aware about researches in the field of Life Sciences. The club is titled as “Nuova Vita”  which is Italian for ‘new life’.

The logo of the club was also unveiled during the formal function, which emphasized  on the concept of the  formation of this science club. The function started with the introduction by the hosts followed by the inaugural song  performance by  Akansha Kamat, a first-year B. Sc. (Biotechnology) students. The group dance performance by final-year students Jasmine and Athira, attracted lots of appreciation from the spectators.

The highlight of the programme was a guest lecture by  Dr. Biju Jacob, Corporate Head of Research & Innovations, Narayana Hrudralaya Hospitals. It was a pleasant moment to have an alumni of our esteemed institution as  he delivered a speech on his experience at GCC and also about his research work.  The logo and the wall magazine was also unveiled by the chief guest  Dr. Jacob, accompanied by our Principal, Prof. N. Bharathi and Prof. Sheeja M. S., Dean (Life Sciences). Prof. N. Bharathi, accompanied by Profs. Sheeja M. S., Prabhakara G. S. and Syed Azhar Ahmed, felicitated Dr. Jacob with college honors. There was a video presentation  which depicted the scope of Life Sciences. This was followed by the presentation of the upcoming activities of the club throughout this semester by Suraj Prasad, second year B. Sc. (Biotechnology) student.

Sreedevi Manohar, a  second year student, remarked, “It was a very important day for our Department as it is the inauguration of our club that will initiate the orientation of our life science students.” Prof Sheeja proposed the vote of thanks, in which she thanked all the volunteers who worked hard for the success of the event during the session. She further encouraged all the students to participate in all the events lined up in the activities of this club . Urmimala Ray, Lecturer at the Department of Life Sciences and Club Convenor said, “The students of our department from today onwards [should be] more responsible in coordinating all the events of the club. This will also help them to be updated with recent updates in the field of Life Sciences”.