Appreciation of international cinema is the basic thread of the activities that happens under the banner of GCC TALKIES. An activity conceptualized on the lines of learning through Movies, the forum of avid movie buffs gives them an opportunity to throw open their views and discuss on the societal reflection of the reel story.

Not being restricted to films and blockbusters, the forum also acts as a platform to showcase documentaries, viral videos, TED TALKS, advertisements and several other video contents which propagates a theme relevant to the society and how the members of the forum contribute to address these issues.

The content videos are stored at a single repository and can be accessed with prior permissions from the IT support team and advance booking of the media hall facility. A group, not more than 10 members is eligible to watch the screening at a time. At the end of each screening, the group would submit their observations to the Head of the Department of Media Studies.

Pirated, obscene, banned contents are strictly prohibited and a separate screening committee under the department of media studies scrutinizes every content before its a part of the repository and post which only the rights are shared among the audience. The committee also holds the right to bar any person who does not follow the guidelines or fails to fulfill his/her duty with regards to the documentation of information gathered through the screenings.

Several interest circles formed currently,in a need to avail of the facility on campus, operate on a promotional note and is not a paid activity. The department of Media Studies aims at unifying minds in understanding the pros and cons of the direct and indirect effects that theatrical acts have on individuals and the society as a whole. The objective also serves on the lines of reasoning out whether the movie under scrutinization is ethical, relevant or can per se be iconic to be replicated on a daily basis.The concept even aims at clarifying the existent link between the real and the reel life.

Some of the movies screened under GCC Talkies so far are :

1. Alive

2. The Contagion

3. The Kite Runner

4. Buddhha Collapsed Out Of Shame

5. The Color Purple

In all, being an educational notion, GCC TALKIES encourages the critical eye among the viewers to enhance the quality of the cinemas being watched.