Bangalore, the city is pretty much amazing in it’s own way, great places to explore and the exploration creates a vibrant image about anything and everything in your mind.

The buses & the metro ride, flamboyant cars, shaandaar hotels, multilingual people, the traffic packed roads, busy shopping streets, South Indian food shops along the road, people with office id cards around their neck, coffee shops at stone throw distances, malls and not to forget, the very pleasant atmosphere at any time of the day.

This city is so unique, that i love the whole process of getting used to it. You leave behind a lot in order to embrace a new life, and i guess! that is what i am here for. Getting up, getting ready, rushing for class, working on various projects, catch ups, lots of coffee and a lot of learning! I am in love with this transition. If new to this city, I am sure anyone can make their life beautiful out here. It anyway is a decision that one takes for oneself, isn’t it?

From the day i popped up in Bangalore, I have been hunting down cafes to spend on average at least 60 minutes of my time there. Be it any cafe I choose to spend those 60 minutes of my life, should be welcoming. Keeping me there is one thing, but making me come out of that place is a whole new thing.

After all those loud suggestions, crazy hunting and a hell lot of food tasting, i was able to shortlist some good cafes in Bangalore. Cafes for endless conversations.

Presented by

Ms. Isha Sehgal

MA Journalism & Mass Communication

Special thanks to:

Garden City College of Science & Management Studies

& to all the café lovers out there in this beautiful city


1. Table Blue, Indiranagar

Do you know what do i do when i feel blue? I go to Cafe, Table Blue. The name Table Blue isn ‘t just a name, the tables out there are all blue in color. It is bound to remind you of a Goan beach and the relaxing scenes out there. The menu is basic & comprises of soups, salads, pastas, yummy starters and wine. Don’t feel shy to experiment, there is a lot on the menu. Th best conversation starter is the Chicken Breast with creamy Mushrooms.

 What the blue tables say…

• A perfect place to go on a date.

• The chef is really friendly and attends to your needs personally.

• The antique look with tables and chairs

 2. Socie-Tea, Indiranagar

Tea lovers out there? Socie-Tea is purely dedicated to you.

It serves a variety of unusual teas along with the regular favorites. The decor here is all about facts & trivia. Try this place and don’t forget to taste the Silver Needle White Tea.

 Hi-tea, everyone…

• A nice place to catchup and do some chitchat

• This is a perfect hangout or should I say in local language, Adda…

• Yummy food. They have board games and books as well.

 3. Art Blend Cafe, HSR Layout

It is one of the most cozy places one can find in this city. This cafe resounds peace and calmness. One is bound to feel at home having art enhancing the walls. Also, there is one segregated corner for you to explore your creative side. Sizzlers & Chicken Brese are the finger licking signature dishes of the house. From a local cuisine to a continental meal, you shall find everything on the menu. Conversations here, flow to an easy beat.

When art meets coffee…

• The place looks very peaceful and homely.

• I just loved this place. The name is beautifully coined and it matches the

ambience very well.

• The pastas were delicious and iced teas cold and refreshing. Service was quick.

4. Cafe 42 (IMLI) Indiranagar

How about an artsy-craftsy cafe? A cafe with both furniture and bean bags to seat you. A rooftop cafe with a wide collection of books, poetry lines written on the blackboard walls in conjunction with posters and artwork. This cafe hosts various poetry reading sessions and jam sessions, all pertaining to art. Drop in here on a rainy day and you’ll be delighted none the less!


• The place is cozy with roof top seating

• A great place for a quiet dinner with great Indian food

• A nice place to sit and relax, have desi khana.. Enjoyed the food


 5. Desserted, opp. Mount Carmel College

Ever been Desserted?

This cafe will pull you in with the divine aroma of it’s baked brownies, that will leave your mouth watering & tummy rolling. This place has an inviting ambiance, an art room where the paintings are displayed and sold. The mood varies from the young corporates working nearby to students from Mount Carmel College.

 Desserted in a good way…

• Voice of my taste buds

• As a café that has over 250 walk-ins everyday

• Cost is bearable and worth spending

 6. DYU Cafe, Koremangala

Catch hold of your hearts, this cafe is bound to steal your heart?

Catch up with a friend or catch up on your reading, this place will cater to every mood. The correct sort of ambiance that’ll definitely take you on a nostalgic ride.

 Café which feels like home…

• Well a must visit place for coffee lover.

• The best part is their coffee which is really tasty.

 7. Coffee on Canvas, Koremangala

Having a coffee stain on your dress can prove to b e horrible. We know how difficult it is to get rid of it. But, how about a coffee stain on a canvas? If you’ll go by me, I’ll say, it looks BEAUTIFUL. Each table in this cafe has art work on it. The atmosphere is cordial with a pleasant staff & the ambiance seems pretty inviting.

Coffee on canvas…

• It’s a good place to chill out

• Good food and service.

 8. Woodstock, Indiranagar

Want to see a Victorian house? Drop in at Woodstock.

It is a Victorian style house which has been restored into a restaurant for people to come together and enjoy a meal. This cafe is dedicated to the famous music and art festival of the 1960s. Each and every room is themed differently and decorated beautifully. Your tastebuds are bound to tickle. It’s a real paradise for a foodie.


• Love their food and courteous staff.

• Love the place and food there, my one of the must visit places for


 9. Hole in the Wall, Koremangala

Are you planning on having your Sunday morning breed?

Hole in the wall should pretty much be your first option. Bacon and waffles for breakfast! What more can anyone ever possibly ask for?

HITW serves amazing English breakfast.

Whole lot of food…

• Our love for waffles, we love them!!

• Everything has always been “yummiee”!

• Looking forward to try everything listed on the menu! It’s the best!!

 10. Cafe Buzzinga, Whitefield

Do you know anything about Sheldon Cooper’s character? Do you even know who Sheldon Cooper is? Those of you who have no clue about him, my suggestion to you, please watch The Big Bang Theory! Those of you who know him, by now, must have realized why am i talking about him. This cafe has posters adorned on the wall from popular sitcoms, specifically of Sheldon Cooper. Cafe Buzzinga is sure to elevate your mood.

 The Buzz factor…

• It’s a cute little place in the lake view farms

• Nice Place to hangout… Peaceful, calm surroundings

What are you waiting for now?

Go ahead, get your caffeine fill, explore and make the most of it. Now is the time to indulge in endless conversations all around the city