The Department of Hotel Management has conducted Hospitality Trend Setter Event-  Culinary Competition Event based on Independence Day Theme- Creation of Indian Flag by using food as tool on 17th August  2016. This competition helped the students to display their Innovation and Creativity Skills among the other students. Almost, all the food service establishments provides special menu during Independence Day. Garden City College also has introduced trends in the hospitality market by encouraging and motivating the BHM students to take part in this unique competition. The competition was open for BHM students of all semesters. The students used  the available ingredients in the department to produce an Innovative Indian Flag.  The time span to prepare flag was 30 minutes. A panel of three judges will evaluated the competition based on the set of rules & regulations.  The marks of three judges will be aggregated to identify the winner and runners of the competition. Only Individual Participation  was allowed . The medium of Cooking was  Fireless or with Flame. The dishes was completely vegetarian. The participants were allowed to  bring the ingredients from their end or can choose from the limited selections available in the ingredients pool provided. The participants needed to prepare Indian Flag which reflects the colour of the flag or its design.The judges rated the dish based on hygiene, presentation, taste, usage of innovative ingredients, traditional method followed, ability to communicate the specialty of the flag and level of theme involvement. The participants were allowed to bring their own equipments or choose from the limited equipments available in the competition area. Student prepared and displayed various innovative dishes in the competition. The dishes includes Tri-colour baked Cake, Vegetable Halwas, Tri-colour mocktails. The best concept fetched 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize. Commenting about the event, Dr.D.P.Sudhagar, Director, Department of Hotel Management “ This is one of the important event for the BHM students to understand the importance of innovation and creativity in the hospitality and to realise the fact that food is everywhere, even Sky is not the limit for imagination of the food. The vice principal of Garden City College mentioned that” Students were displayed great culinary skills to produce innovative national flag. She has encouraged the students to keep up their spirit throughout their career. Students participated in the competition mentioned that “it was a great learning experience to do proper time management and to have strong culinary skills to produce best culinary creations.”

HOSPITALITY INNOVATIVE LEARNING METHODOLOGY A Culinary Exhibition Event based on Herbs, Spices and Pulses 19th August 2016

The Department of Hotel Management has conducted Hospitality Innovative Learning Methodology -

A Culinary Exhibition Event based on Herbs, Spices and Pulses. The objective of the exhibition is to bring out the hidden talents from the students to present their academic learning to the industry audience. In addition, student can practically understand the nature of herbs, spices and pulses in comparison to the pictorial representation. Students from the 1st semsester have compiled a display by using herbs, spices and pulses with descriptions for the same. The student displayed their collection in BHM garden area. The faculty members in the department have evaluated the quality of student display work based on a set of judging criteria. The criteria include presentation, ability to explain the collection, innovative ideas used by the student, maximum number of collections provided in the display. The students were thrilled about participating in the exhibition which is one of the new concept introduced by the department. The best  display won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize.  Commeting about the event “ Students appreciated the efforts taken by the Department to inculcate  contemporary knowledge by adopting learning methodologies”