Dept. of Hotel Management conducted a training programme for the street food vendors on Food Safety and Hygiene.

Every year, several thousand people die and many are hospitalized due to the food borne diseases and illness occurring as a result of consumption of contaminated food. The food borne illness is prone not only for the adults but also for the kids. The consequence of the food borne illness in the kids is considered as very severe and life threatening. The root cause for the food contamination ranges from food prepared in unhygienic environment, lack of knowledge and training on food safety for the food handlers. General unsafe practices in the food business include usage of unclean water, inadequate storage space, lack of cleaning activities, usage of expired raw materials, improper storage temperature, mixing of cleaning chemicals with food, unhygienic serving methods. The training for food handlers has shown an improvement in food safety knowledge and hygiene awareness and resulted in improved food safety practices.
Garden City College of Science and Management Studies (GCCSMS), while educating the hotel management students on food safety has recognized the importance of providing this vital education to the street food vendors located in the community as part of its ISR responsibility. The Department of Hotel Management at Garden City College organized a training session on Food Safety and Hygiene for street food vendors located in the vicinity of the college on 19th December 2015.
The training programme took place in GCC campus. The participants of the training programme included vendors who are involved in the street food business. The business of the vendors ranged from running a bakery shop, Chinese fast food, a chaat shop and mobile trolley meal supply. The training programme started with an opening speech by the Principal of Garden City College of Science and Management Studies, Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar. He mentioned that “Street food is the most preferred food for the people of any country and it is growing steadily with wider choices in the market. To sustain in the market, the street food vendors must ensure Safe & Hygienic food. GCC would continue to take several efforts which will uplift the society by imparting knowledge not only for the students in the college but also for the community as a whole which emphasizes on life skills.”
The training programme developed by the faculty of the Department of Hotel Management, witnessed active participation from the street food vendors. The panel consisted of Prof. Sheeba Samuel, Prof. Smritee Raghubalan, Prof. Shreedhar R and Prof. Andrew Thoppil. This panel was lead by Dr. Sudhagar D P, the Head of the Department. The methodology followed for the training included videos, demonstration and role-play. This methodology was designed in such a way that even the vendors who did not hold any elementary schooling could actively participate in the training. The training components included Grooming & Personal Hygiene, Vegetables, Meat, Products and Equipment Handling/ Cooking/ Serving procedure, cost effective food safety techniques and also how to increase more customers and gain more profit. The training was taken in local Kannada and Hindi language for the participants to understand the training effectively. The participants of the training programme indicated that the training programme was “an eye-opener for them to correct the inappropriate methods followed in their business and also to improve the business to the next level by ensuring safe food for every consumer” They also requested to conduct many such training programme, which are practical and beneficial to them.

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