The Food Fight Against Cancer

The Department of Hotel Management, Garden City College organized a Stone Age cooking competition for staff and students on World Cancer Awareness Day, directed at enlightening the women on preparing a healthy dish by using anti-cancer ingredients.


The goal of the competition was to create awareness among women on healthy selection of food for their family members and to understand the kind of food which may lead to/precipitate cancer, and also understand the food which help in combating cancer. The participants were a team of maximum two, prepared a drink, main course and dessert by using the ingredients available in “Ingredients Pool” or from their own list of ingredients. The medium of cooking was fireless, and all the dishes were completely vegetarian. The time span to prepare all the three courses was 45 minutes. This time included preparation and presentation of the dish present them with innovative menu card. A panel of two judges, Chef Clive Fernandes, Oakwood Suites and Dr. Thomson Thomas from GCC evaluated the competition based on the set of rules & regulations.  The scores given by the judges were aggregated to identify the winners and runners-up of the competition. The judges rated the dishes based on hygiene, presentation, taste, usage of anti-cancer ingredients, traditional method followed and the ability to communicate the speciality of the dish. The winners were awarded with special prizes.

Speaking about the event, Dr. D.P.Sudhagar, Head of the Department of Hotel Management mentioned that, “ Food plays a vital role in determing the general health and well-being of the mankind. As there is popular philosophy saying Good Food is Good Medicine.The food we intake has a tendency to attract and develop certain types of cancer. The junk food which possess high energy and fat leads to obesity and the obesity, in-turn, results in risk of developing cancer.  A person who enjoys a balanced meal which is prepared nutritionally will confer the advantage of bringing down the chance of  cancer attack. This balanced meal can be ensured only by the home makers who are decision-makers for the selection, purchase and cooking of the food at the home. Hence, a competition themed The Food Fight Against Cancer was conducted to create an awareness about dangerous food vs healthy food.”


The participants of the competition indicated that this was a shock to know about the dangerous food which they followed in the meal choice  at home and it was an eye-opener for them to know about the healthy way of preparing the food to lead a healthy life and to avoid the risk of cancer. They also requested to conduct many such competition in future, which are beneficial to them and to their family members.