10 Best Places To Visit In Bangalore – 10 Best Series

10 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore
10 Best Series – Feb 2016

Hello readers…this is my rendition of this wonderful city. My name is Akanksha Kamat a student from Garden City College and this is something I would like to share with all fun loving Bangalorean!! This city is unlike any other be it the people, food and even its places. It’s a blend of pure awesomeness which just brings this city to life any time and every time.

The city is known as the “Garden City of India”. Bangalore is one of the most important tourist centers of the Karnataka state. Cosmopolitan crowd, which makes the city cooler than the weather and no other metro city has a magical weather like Bangalore, there is always some-thing for everyone here. Bangalore is a brand the world identifies India with. It is also the single biggest reason why India has become such a hot investment destination. A write up of the 10 best places to visit in Bangalore for the likes of everyone.
For the young at heart by the young at heart.
Bangalore absorbs people into it. Some vouch for its weather, some love the greenery around and others need no reason to love the city.

10. The Oxford Bookstore – 1 MG Mall:
What’s interesting about a book store? If you interrogate a geek with glasses about it, you’re bound to get a blow in the gut. Ask a social bird and the reply you’d get is Oxford Bookstore. A beautifully designed concept, that not only caters to one’s grey matter but also satiates your hunger pangs with mouth watering delicacies served at the café, aptly sits inside the bookstore. So if you want to catch up with some grub and wisdom The Oxford Bookstore in 1MG Mall is totally the place for you!
What Readers Say?….
• Be part of the story
• Book lovers alike
• Lively interactive sessions in a book store
• “food for thought” at Cha Bar
• Books on a range of topics, and collection of music as well.
• Books, books and more…. Wait; it’s just not only books, there is a lot more.
• I loved this place. It is the perfect place to read and hangout.

9. Belgium Waffles – Phoenix –Whitefield:
Taste of Belgium
Sniff the aroma of freshly pressed waffles with a topping of a whole scoop of ice cream or whipped cream accompanied with a fruity flavour of your choice. Ain’t that heavenly? Well this one comes as a blessing for all those having a craving sweet tooth. The most amazing waffles that would fill your bellies as well as the price in your pockets are what Belgium Waffles has to offer you! If you ever find yourself in Whitefield, walk into phoenix and treat yourself with Go bananas and blush (P.S. They’d really make you go bananas).
Happy Customers….
• BelgYum! Super delicious desserts and interesting options in terms of toppings. My most favourite combo is waffle with Nutella topped with ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce.
• Chocolate lovers delight!!!
• There is no doubt about the fact that you will fall in love with the super light and crisp waffles at Belgyum.
• I ordered a banana and caramel sauce waffle, topped with a scoop full of vanilla ice cream. It was delicious.
• Service was simply awesome, no complaints…!! Recommended especially for Sweets tooth’s!!!
• Chocolate lovers delight!!
• Waffle time!!

8. Feast – Sheraton Grand Hotel – Malleshwaram:
FOODIES’ ALERT: Bread and baguette, Omelette and bacon, salmon and sausages, doughnuts and¬¬¬¬— Enough with the menu! For a foodie who considers binging upon a brunch, oops! Scratch that. For a foodie who considers binging upon a 5-star brunch, Feast in Sheraton Grand Hotel is an impeccable choice. Be it Indian, European, Korean or Japanese, the buffet, spread in favour of every cuisine is a gorgeous mix of ingredients. With a typical British hue that the ambience displays, Feast, owing to its name is priced at 650 bucks per head for a never ending brunch. Truly a shrine, where gluttony isn’t considered a sin!

• Amazing experience, I would surely like to go again and recommend people for to try (surely when there is an office party), although it might be a bit heavy on people’s pocket (but worth once trying).
• Whole experience turned out to be super great…A must visit place….
• (Picture comments) And the food was perfect…
• I have been here on multiple occasions for Breakfast and have had lunch here and have consistently had a great experience.

7. New Tibetan Mall – Brigade:
Trends set fashion and fashion never grows old. For all the non brand conscious fashionistas, good news awaits you in brigade! Imagine losing yourself in a building brimming with, the trendiest apparels and accessories all for less than half the price that we usually spend in any mall. Well, you can stop imagining because New Tibetan Mall tenders to everyone’s tingling fashion sense in a 3 storey building. The usual hustle bustle instigates the general crowd to renew their wardrobes at a rate that won’t hurt one’s financial statement.
DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for creating shopaholics!
At the Mall…
• Tibet Plaza is the perfect place to shop for funky and trendy clothes.
• Shopping Bonanza!!!!The market is quite reasonable which houses almost everything a girl can wish for.
• So, girls it is a No.1 go to place for your next splurge.
• “good budget place” ……. “For clothes shopping”

6. The Chocolate Room – Brigade:
If names can be alluring, then this one comes by no surprise! The Chocolate Room in Brigade is a perfect bakery that can entice you right from the time that you push open the door of the patisserie with its breath-taking savouries and aromatic tit bits. Be it a hangout place for teenagers or a tete-a-tete, the bakery moulds its ambience to be just perfect for any occasion. A must try on a visit to the Chocolate room is the whopper burger that can make you drool over it!
Chocolate Pudding….
• For all the chocolate lovers out there this place is a must! Easily affordable! Cakes here are really yummy!
• Will definitely opt this place for satisfying my chocolate cravings and will also recommend everyone to give it a try.
• Chocolate Avalanche and sizzling brownie with ice cream are must try here!!
• Food – 4.7/5
• Service – 4/5
• Ambience – 4.3/5

5. Madiwala Lake / BTM Lake:
For all those who have an atlas on their mind and a venturesome spirit, boating is what the picturesque Madiwala Lake proffers. Motor, pedal and rowboats are the varieties that fulfil one’s urge of becoming one with the nature. The lake is also a surreal mix of fact and fantasy that connects your conscience to the nature. The location is also a sight of migratory birds that adorn the lake’s beauty. The lakeside also extends a picnic spot to trekkers and the perfect shot for a photographer. An advice to offer: Be sure to have enough memory on your phone for the selfie session!
By the lake…
• A nice peaceful evening walk along the lake is really worth it.
• Garden is pretty well maintained and continuous development ensures it to be getting better all the time.
• You can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk there … :-)
• City lights shimmering in the dark night looked mesmerizing.

4. Stoners – Indiranagar:
Many get misled by the brand name of this international style desert parlour but one wouldn’t mind getting high on the funky menu that it has to present before your taste buds. Located in the hub of Indiranagar, Stoners is popularly known for its deserts; especially the ice cream which is thawed with a mixture of toppings with a stone, hence the name. Lookout for the chocolate brownie ice cream in particular, it can really mess you off. So, hey! Don’t you want to be a stoner? (P.S. you know what I mean right?)
I scream for ice cream!!!
• Small but very well managed place. Visited this place on a Sunday for Dinner, the plan was to have lots of Desserts;)
• Tried three different varieties of veg pizzas too. Very unique taste. Surely a must visit place!
• Had the crunchy ferrero rocher ice cream, has a crushed ferrero rocher with chocolate and chocolate sauce. It tasted really good.
• More than just ice creams!!

3. National Paintball League – Indiranagar:
If there’s something bizarre as a plan of action on your wish list, the National Paintball league can fulfil your quirky thirst for adventure. A perfect combination of throwing up your frustration in a creative manner calls for a paintball match! No weekend getaway could get better in a hangout with some old buddies and a friendly fight of colours. For all the “dramatically” worried folks, good news is that the National Paintball League utilizes organic water soluble dyes as the pellet load in the gun. So waddle around and paint the town red!
Paintball any one…
• NPL organizes more than 10 tournaments through the year with teams competing from various cities. Each tournament has a point based system and the top team in the country is declared the NPL Champion. NPL also organizes Corporate, College and School Paintball leagues as feeder Leagues which feed into the main league – NPL.
• Shoot at site!!!
• Paint the town red, yellow and green…

2. IAmGame – Koramangala:
Up for some sport in Bangalore? Giving due respect to your addiction, the Prime spot for avid gamers to express their integrity towards the screen speaks in short about IAmGame located in the suburbs of Koramangala. The groovy atmosphere that the gaming machines exhibit and the constant battle of the consoles intensifies the environment. If you ever hang around this gaming parlor do not forget to battle on with laser tag and FIFA. So, are you game?
Game time….
• Very good arena, friendly staff. It was a very nice experience with friends… In the meantime, while waiting, one can also play other games which are available.
• “Awesome experience”
• Game time every time!!!

1. Stone – Koramangala:
Highlights, hairstyles, spas! What more could one ask for when it comes to beautifying yourself, especially with professional stylists at your disposal. With amazing discounts made available in the morning hours, stone exhibits wonderful hospitality with even better service. Whether it’s a trim or a full blown makeover, Stone is the apt choice to make that would even fit in your pockets pretty comfortably.
Beautiful minds….
• Best place to pamper yourself and can all relax.
• Spa is really good and it always relaxes me.
• It is so relaxing and feels super good.
• Had a great time.
• Relax and calm your mind…

Bangalore is a paradise. Undoubtedly the absolute best thing about it is the weather and its people with the sights and sounds of a very big country packaged into one small little city, that is what Bangalore offers to people from different likes and minds. This is just a start, first of its kind. Much more of the 10 best series to come and a lot more fun places and things yet not known, that you wouldn’t be aware of which might just evoke that explorer in you, maybe even in your own city.

Well you have to wait and see…… 10 best series people!!

Presented by
Ms. Akanksha Kamat
Student of Garden City College of Science & Management Studies