Hey Apeksha here! I’m a professional procrastinator, animal rights supporter, anti-social metal head who sometimes gathers her thoughts together and pens them down. Currently a student of Garden City College, I’m pursuing my studies in Journalism. My hobbies (other than writing) include petting street dogs, playing video games, doodling, listening to same song on repeat till I get bored of it and watching horror movies.

Be it the heritage, amusement parks, shopping malls, international dines or cuisines, weather which makes you wanna fall in love, affable crowd, the “in” night life or English speaking auto – walas, you name it and I’m pretty sure Bangalore’s got it!

New to the city? Got a Gang? Travel geek? Tired of your boss’s daily rants? Need a break? Well then, get dressed, grab your phone & a few bucks because I’m taking you on a trip on “10 best places to visit in Bangalore”.


Let’s start with a little shopping, shall we? Commercial Street is a shopping hub which will feed all your needs from head to toe in a crazy affordable prices! It is one of the most popular spots in Bangalore. Chances are, you might even bump into one of your colleague adding the last dress left on discount you wanted in her basket! (True story! Hope it never happens to you.) Anyways, don’t let the name “Commercial Street” fool you, it’s a real wide market spread over a large area! So lace up your shoes, get ready to walk miles and leggo shopping! Plus, there are little restaurants and food stalls as well just in case your stomach starts growling.


Ever had this feeling of ditching the reality and escaping onto a place filled with peace and beautiful sceneries? Yep, then Lal Bagh is the place for you my dear friend. Lalbagh is a home for India’s largest collection of tropical plants, with a lake, and is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangalore. Walk along with mesmerizing flowers planted on either side of the path, relax, imagine yourself as a Disney princess/ prince and sing “Let it Go” to all your worries and you’ll feel light. Try it. Works like magic! (Not out loud though, I’m not responsible if people gather around you and try to beat you up for breaking their state of peace.)


Kalpalli Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries of Karnataka, situated near Old Madras Road, is famous all over India for being haunted! Passersby have reported eerie sounds late at night, people disappearing, a man seen on several occasions walking through the cemetery, Michael Jackson rising from the grave! (Okay maybe not the last one.)

If you’re a horror fanatic and a paranormal investigator wanna be like me, It’s a must visit place for you! In addition, you can also carry an Ouija board just in case you feel the need to communicate with the dead. (Who knows MJ might answer you!)


Built in ornate architectural style, the Krishna Temple is a blend of modern technology and spiritual harmony. Situated in Rajaji Nagar, spread over 8 acres, this is ISKCON’s largest temple complex in the world and the finest example of fusion of modern and traditional elements of architecture which includes six shrines. A sure candidate in “places to visit in Bangalore”! (Especially after a visit to Kalpalli Cemetry.)


You won’t be wrong if you call Bangalore “A foodie’s paradise” but finding quality vegetarian food can sometimes be a slightly tough task. Green Theory is a vegetarian world cuisine restaurant which serves in a hip, bohemian-style colonial bungalow surrounded by greenery, away from pollution and crowd. The food is finger licking delicious yet affordable. I totally recommend the Grilled Tofu Burger! Green Theory offers free Wi-Fi, a barter library, comfy sofas, friendly staff, quick service and food which tastes so good as if made by god’s own chef!


Munch and Bowl while loud music playing in the background which makes you wanna shake a leg? Invite your friends over Blu-o, India’s largest bowling destination for a little bowling game challenge! Located in Bangalore’s very own most popular spots, Orion Mall, Blu-o is a perfect place to chill around with your clique! Games, Music, Refreshments, Karaoke, Tattoo lounge, Spa and cuisines all together under one roof? Sounds like a dream place! Don’t forget to take a groupfie with your friends.


Looking for a snow adventure but too broke to travel overseas or lacking time? How about Ice skating in REAL ice in our own city? Yep you heard me. Iplay, located in Phoenix mall, Whitefield, is a snow world which includes skating and sliding in real snow. The temperature is kept below zero degree to keep it real and skating gear is provided. So, there you have it. Your mini snow world in your city! Snowball fight anyone?


Fancy art and history? Then you should definitely visit Venkatappa Gallery. The gallery has about 600 paintings on display which includes work by the maestros like M. F. Hussain, Vasudev, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Rekha Rao, Yusuf Arakkal and N. S. Bendre along with various others. It’s a major tourist attraction. There are way tooo many paintings that there’s no way you can see all of them in one go, in fact watching all those paintings might even awake the hidden Picasso in you!


Orion mall shelters over 100 big brands! With a vibrant atmosphere, Orion Mall is one of the most happening malls in Bangalore. Actors, directors, bloggers from far and wide often choose Orion Mall to target the public and promote their ventures. Loaded with International brands, cuisines, game zones, Spa parlors and much more, Orion Mall is definitely worth a visit and you never know, you might even meet Tom Cruise if you’re lucky! (Well that is certainly exaggerating too much but “luck” is a four letter word and so is “hope”!)


Located in the heart of the city, Cubbon Park is the official “Chill and relax” spot of the young Bangalore crowd. Spread over an area of 100 acres, the labyrinth of trees and the environment will certainly give you a “Hi I am Bear Grylls and today I’m going to show you how to escape from this place” feel. Take a break from your hectic life and go to Cubbon Park with your friends or family for a picnic and have a nice time!

P.S. Don’t miss the aquarium nearby. It’s the second largest aquarium in India.

Totally worth a shot! (Camera Shot, silly!)


Presented by

Ms. Apeksha

Student of Garden City College of Science & Management Studies


Special thanks to:

Garden City College of Science & Management Studies and to all my friends & all around good people of this beautiful city!!

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