HOSPITALITY INNOVATIVE LEARNING METHODOLOGY A Culinary Exhibition Event based on Herbs, Spices and Pulses 19th August 2016

The Department of Hotel Management has conducted Hospitality Innovative Learning Methodology -

A Culinary Exhibition Event based on Herbs, Spices and Pulses. The objective of the exhibition is to bring out the hidden talents from the students to present their academic learning to the industry audience. In addition, student can practically understand the nature of herbs, spices and pulses in comparison to the pictorial representation. Students from the 1st semsester have compiled a display by using herbs, spices and pulses with descriptions for the same. The student displayed their collection in BHM garden area. The faculty members in the department have evaluated the quality of student display work based on a set of judging criteria. The criteria include presentation, ability to explain the collection, innovative ideas used by the student, maximum number of collections provided in the display. The students were thrilled about participating in the exhibition which is one of the new concept introduced by the department. The best  display won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize.  Commeting about the event “ Students appreciated the efforts taken by the Department to inculcate  contemporary knowledge by adopting learning methodologies”