Department of Hotel Management conducts Training programme for Mothers, Home Makers and Cooks at Home on Home Hygiene.

Good home hygiene is all about following hygienic procedures and practices at critical points, at right times, to cut the chain of contamination i.e. to eliminate germs before they can spread further. Home hygiene aims to prevent or minimize the disease spreading at home.
Hygiene in home and daily life setting plays an important role in preventing spread of infectious diseases. The main hygienic activities at home includes following proper hand washing, food and water hygiene, general home hygiene, cooking and storage hygiene. Due to the lack of awareness and knowledge pertaining to hygienic practices at home, the family members are prone to infectious diseases. This occurs due to improper and unsafe practices followed by mothers which lead to severe ill- health.
The unsafe practices at home includes using unclean water, improper storage conditions, lack of cleaning of home, mixing of chemicals with foodstuffs etc. The risk of unhygienic practices is high for the kids and senior citizens at home. To overcome the above issue, training on home hygiene would play an important role in bridging the knowledge and skill gap of the mothers about hygiene.
Training the mothers has shown to improve safety knowledge and hygiene awareness and may result in improved safe practices at home. The ‘hygienic cleaning’ procedures can eliminate pathogens from critical surfaces. This training on ‘Home Hygiene of Mothers’ is based on identifying the routes of spreading of pathogens at home, and how to apply hygiene procedures, practices at critical points and at right times to break the chain of infection. “GCC, while educating the Hotel Management students on hygiene has recognized the importance of providing vital education to the mothers as part of the ISR responsibility. To implement this noble cause, mothers located in the GCC vicinity were called for a session on Home Hygiene training for Mothers to enlighten their knowledge on hygienic practices.”

The Department of Hotel Management at Garden City College organized a training session on Home Hygiene for Mothers & Home Makers located in the vicinity of the college on 16th January 2016, Saturday from 11:00- 12:30 am.
The training programme took place in GCC campus. The participants of the training programme included mothers, home makers and cooks. The training programme started with an opening speech by the Principal of Garden City College of Science and Management Studies, Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar. He mentioned that “Home Hygiene is vital for today’s modern life. This is mainly due to increasing health disorders originally arising from home. A good home determines not only a good family but also healthy and happy family. For the mothers to stay healthy and to keep her family healthy, good home hygiene practice is an essential part of the daily life. GCC would continue to take several efforts which will uplift the society by imparting knowledge not only for the students in the college but also for the community as a whole which emphasizes on life skills.”
The training programme developed by the faculty of the Department of Hotel Management, witnessed active participation from the mothers & home makers. The panel consisted of Prof. Sheeba Samuel, Prof. Smritee Raghubalan, Prof. Shreedhar R and Prof. Andrew Thoppil and Ms. Sheeba student of BHM. This panel was lead by Dr. Sudhagar D P, the Head of the Department. The methodology followed for the training included videos, demonstration and role-play. This methodology was designed in such a way that even the mothers who did not hold any elementary schooling could actively participate in the training. The training components included Personal Hygiene, Vegetables, Meat, Products and Equipment Handling/ Cooking procedure, Storage procedure of food, chemicals and cleaning equipments, cleaning activity required for home and cost effective home hygiene techniques. The training was taken in local Kannada and Tamil language for the participants to understand the training effectively. The participants of the training programme indicated that the training was “an eye-opener for them to correct the inappropriate methods followed in their business and also to improve their home hygiene practice to the next level by ensuring safe and healthy life for their family members”. They also requested to conduct many such training programme, which are practical and beneficial to them.

La Paire Parfaite – A two day “International workshop on Wine & Gueridon Service Skills- Learn & Earn”

Garden City College of Science and Management Studies conducted La Paire Parfaite a two day “International workshop on Wine & Gueridon Service Skills- Learn & Earn” on 28th & 29th of January 2016.
This Workshop is Unique in its Concept of pairing Wine with the Gueridon Food. The two day workshop was targeted to wider participants which includes Hospitality students, Hospitality Professionals, Food and Wine Enthusiasts.
The first day of the workshop provided basic knowledge about the wine. The session covered introduction to the wine, grape cultivation and harvesting, wine production methods, classification and types of wine, famous wine producing countries of the world, wine storage, choosing the right glassware, wine selection and food pairing, service styles of the wine, wine tasting- experience & discovery and wine Entrepreneurship. The participants tasted selection of finest wines from Sula Vineyards. The workshop was designed with perfect blend of knowledge, videos, demonstration and wine experience to provide a right balance of fun and learning.
The second day of the workshop enabled the participants to learn the art of cooking and serving simple food in an exotic way. The workshop enlightened the participants on how to prepare, carve, portion and present the food in front of the guest. As there is famous saying” No one is Born Cook, one learns by doing it”. The interesting demonstrations in the workshop included churning out Caribbean pineapple, cherries jubilee, Crepes Suzette, Garden City Salad, peach flambé, peppered steak, strawberries romanoff, monkey gland steak and banana flambé. “A meal without a wine is incomplete”, the gueridon presentations were perfectly paired with the wines. Coffee is not a beverage!! It’s a moment of pleasure. The participants also witnessed the demonstration on how to make specialty coffee like Irish and café royale.
The art of gueridon service was delivered by Mr. Shreedhar, F&B Service faculty of the Department of Hotel Management. This elegant event was organized by the faculty members and the students of the Hotel Management.
Speaking about the event, Dr. D.P.Sudhagar, Head of the Department of Hotel Management mentioned that “Bangalore is the third largest wine consumer in India. To enable the wine consumer market to enjoy the wine better, it is essential for the wine service personnel to have thorough knowledge and serving skills of the wine. Also, it is vital to understand how the wine pairs with different types of food”. The workshop not only helps the student to enhance the knowledge and skills, but it also provides enlightenment to start wine entrepreneurship after the graduation.
The workshop witnessed active participation from the hospitality students and professionals. The participants of the training programme indicated that the training was “an eye-opener for them to know about the complexity involved in the entire process of wine and it was learnt in the simplest way. The opportunity of learning how the wines pair with food was perfect, just as the name of the event, La paire parfait, in English which means the perfect match (Food & Wine)”. They also requested to conduct many such workshops in the future, which are practical and beneficial to them.



Appreciation of international cinema is the basic thread of the activities that happens under the banner of GCC TALKIES. An activity conceptualized on the lines of learning through Movies, the forum of avid movie buffs gives them an opportunity to throw open their views and discuss on the societal reflection of the reel story.

Not being restricted to films and blockbusters, the forum also acts as a platform to showcase documentaries, viral videos, TED TALKS, advertisements and several other video contents which propagates a theme relevant to the society and how the members of the forum contribute to address these issues.

The content videos are stored at a single repository and can be accessed with prior permissions from the IT support team and advance booking of the media hall facility. A group, not more than 10 members is eligible to watch the screening at a time. At the end of each screening, the group would submit their observations to the Head of the Department of Media Studies.

Pirated, obscene, banned contents are strictly prohibited and a separate screening committee under the department of media studies scrutinizes every content before its a part of the repository and post which only the rights are shared among the audience. The committee also holds the right to bar any person who does not follow the guidelines or fails to fulfill his/her duty with regards to the documentation of information gathered through the screenings.

Several interest circles formed currently,in a need to avail of the facility on campus, operate on a promotional note and is not a paid activity. The department of Media Studies aims at unifying minds in understanding the pros and cons of the direct and indirect effects that theatrical acts have on individuals and the society as a whole. The objective also serves on the lines of reasoning out whether the movie under scrutinization is ethical, relevant or can per se be iconic to be replicated on a daily basis.The concept even aims at clarifying the existent link between the real and the reel life.

Some of the movies screened under GCC Talkies so far are :

1. Alive

2. The Contagion

3. The Kite Runner

4. Buddhha Collapsed Out Of Shame

5. The Color Purple

In all, being an educational notion, GCC TALKIES encourages the critical eye among the viewers to enhance the quality of the cinemas being watched.

GCC taking a step forward towards SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN

As part of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” that was initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, The International Association of Lions Club in friendly alliance with Garden City College organized a Walkathon on 17th October 2015 to further promote the cause. The campaign was officially launched on 2nd October 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi, where the Prime Minister himself cleaned the road. It was a remembrance to Gandhi’s words. It was then various famous personalities and the general public took up the challenge and nominated more people and so on. It has been carried forward since then with people from all walks of life joining in. Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar, Principal, Garden City College, teachers of various departments and the students took part in the cleanliness drive taking this initiative a step ahead beyond classrooms. The primary emphasis was on the importance of the mission of Swachh Bharat by putting across to all the students the need to keep their surroundings clean, the need to maintain basic hygiene and sanitation and making them understand the adverse effects of filth lying around. Students and teachers decorously flagged off a Walkathon from the ITI Ground, Krishnarajapuram till Benniganahalli Lake, Old Madras Road, to spread awareness about the cause. There, Principal, Dr. Pujar addressed the students and teachers and thanked the International Association of Lions Club for their solidarity in promoting the cause.
Isha Sehgal
MA Mass Communication, (Ist Sem)

FESTA – Forum for Educationists, Students and Teachers in Asia

FESTA –Forum for Educationist, Students and Teachers in Asia was inaugurated by His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Former President of the Republic of Maldives and His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G., the Chairman of Garden City Group of Institutions on Wednesday. Sympress witnessed participation of Students, Teachers and Principals of various schools. Sympress is a platform where the students and teachers come together to express, debate and quiz on various topics. Sympress 2015- a platform dedicated to the memory of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, is a Memorial debate competition. Expressing his opinion on Sympress, Mr. Gayoom said, “I am sure, this will become a landmark project that will stimulate free thinking and encourage unhindered expression of views and ideas among the young people of India”. Mr. Gayoom also congratulated ISRO on the recent launch of ASTROSTAT and stated, “this is a proud moment for science and technology for South Asia, and will no doubt bring great advancement to space research”. He thanked His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G., the Chairman of Garden City Group of Institutions for providing scholarships to 33 Maldivian students through the Maumoon Foundation. Mr. Gayoom is the Chairman of this foundation. He also spoke on world peace. “During the last 70 years, the world organization has tirelessly worked to achieve this objective with mixed results”, he said. “War is never a lasting solution for any problem. Indeed, war creates more problems than it solves”, he added. He also mentioned about the violent conflicts in the Middle East. According to him, any local war can drag in neighbors or like-minded countries of the combatants into the battle. This is the threat the world is facing right now. “Therefore, if the world really wants to have peace in the Middle East, it has to ensure that the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are restored to them, that they are allowed to establish their own free state on the rightful homeland, and live in peace, free from the fear of continued aggression from across the border”, he suggested. He concluded his speech, with the role of education and media in teaching every single human being in the world, the value of peace.
Prof. Shivani Varma
Media Studies

GCC Hosted Musical Legends – Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Padma Vibhushan) & Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

Garden City College has hosted the magnificent flute performance by Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Padma Vibhushan) and Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, who is a renowned State level performer, in a music and arts workshop organized by SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth). It was held in the auditorium from 28th Oct to 1st Nov, 2015. Many students from different schools and colleges participated in it. Audience flowed from different parts of Karnataka like Mysore, Hoskote , Hassan, Heggadadevanakote, and many other areas. The objective of the event was to promote Indian classical music in today’s youth. “It is a good opportunity to learn something from such great personalities. It’s a wonderful experience,” said Naveen, a student hailing from Mysore. Spectators and listeners were enthralled with the classical concert. Prof Manjunath M, an admirer of Dr Balamuralikrishna said, “I am very lucky to watch this stage show. It gives a soothing feeling to the heart.” The programme was inaugurated by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Former president of the republic of Maldives. The chief guests of the program was Smt. Vyjayanthi Kashi (Kuchipudi dancer), Yoga with Dr. Kiranseth, Shri Subhomoy Bhattacharya, Shri Kaivalya Kumar Gurav (Hindustani vocal), and Shri Girish Kasaravalli (Director of Kannada Cinema). Kurmavathara ( Kannada) movie was also shown to the students and in the last day of the program, all the students celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava.

Hoteliers Club Inauguration

The BHM Department launched the Hoteliers club with the effort put from BHM team & students of 1st, 3rd & 7th Semester. The event Had two prominent Guest Ms. Linda Ramakrishan, Manager of times of India Page 3 & Ms. Nithya Susan Sunil, Ex pastry chef of The Leela Palace Bangalore & Youngest bakery Entrepreneur.
The Event had two Dance performances, one fusion dance & one Indian group dance from there followed up by Kitchen band which the students played kitchen accessories like pans, knifes & cutting boards with beat box. The Guest Were facilitated with the Mementos
Both the Guest with the Principal did the lamp lighting, and both the Guest & Principal gave their speeches. We spoke about Introducing Molecular gastronomy, Molecular Texturology, Cuisonology, Sauce Bibiology. We announced the launch of Green goddess sauce & Research on Edible menu card.

Inauguration of Fashion designing Club

FAD CLUB inauguration was on August 4th 2015. Ms. Pooja Vetcha and Ms. Unnimaya were the MC’s of the event and started of the function with GCC anthem, followed by lighting of lamp by Principal, HOD and guest along with other staffs. Ms. Wilai Porn of first year performed an inauguration song to welcome the gathering. Guest Profile of our Alumnus Debarati Malik, Senior Visual Merchandiser, PAN India Avirate was displayed who was then felicitated by our Principal with floral bouquet and shawl. The principal addressed the gathering and inaugurated the club. The guest shared her precious moments with FAD department as well as motivated future designers to come up high. The Activity video of the department was showcased and FAD club convener presented the program schedule for the year 2015-2016. This was followed by cultural programs started during which whole three batches showcased their talent in front of the gathering with songs, dances and fashion show.

Inauguration of Voyager – TheTourism Club @ GCC

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I am going is what inspires me to travel it.” With these lines of Rosalia de Castro, I want to start my article regarding the Inauguration of Tourism Club which was conducted by our tourism department.
It commenced with a welcome note and profile presentations by MC Mr. Daniel which was followed by paying tribute to our Alma Mater through the GCC Anthem followed by a welcome song. The logo of the Tourism Club – Voyager was launch, followed by the felicitation of Guest Of honour Mr. Arun Kumar Haridas, Director of Mobility and Travel, SAP India. Subsequently, it was our respected Principal Dr. Siddaramiah who took the stage over and welcomed the guest of honour to grace the stage with his august presence. Soon afterward the stage was taken over by Mr. Arun Kumar Haridas whose speech was very illuminating and immensly inspiring. The students were greatly enlightened by the content and manner of his motivating speech. He spoke on the various scope for tourism students and amount of respect which they get in their fields.
Finally, the show ended with dance, song and mime by various tourism students. It was indeed a very inspiring and enthralling program which captivated and thrilled the audience.

Inauguration of IT Club @ Garden City College

Department of Computer Science has organized IT-Club inauguration along with a seminar on “3D Animation” by Mr.Prince Xavier, placement officer and Capt. Jannardhan Natesh Cavalier Animation & Technology Ltd., Bangalore on 1-Aug-2015 in the auditorium. All the BCA and MCA students have actively participated in organizing the inauguration ceremony. They we highly benefited by the talks of the guests of the day and cleared their doubts during the question hour in which all were benefited.