Intra College Sports Fest 2015

On the 30th of July 2015 Department of Sports Garden City College of Science and Management Studies organized an Intra College Sports festival for the students of Under Graduation courses by covering almost all the sporting activities available in the college. It gave a kick start with cricket were the students were divided into four teams then Throw Ball were again the students were divided into four teams along with Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Kabaddi, Badminton, Chess, Carrom and Athletics. This gave a way for the department to also identify the potential sportsman who could represent the college team. There was a participation of 289 students in this event which made it a grand success. The winners and runners were given prizes and certificates for their exemplary performance.

Walkathon for Obesity Awareness @ Garden City College WALK FOR A CAUSE-2015

Obesity has become a prominent cause in the world reducing life expectancy of human beings and leading towards many other health issues. Today, there are different kinds of problems related to health all around the world and the conditions are worsening day by day. Garden City College organized a walkathon for the cause of “SAY NO TO OBESITY” that began at 7.30 a.m. on the morning of the 23rd of July, 2015. Students from Garden City College as well as students from Indus Valley Residential School and Samuel Public School completed walking a stretch of almost 4.4 kms around T.C Palya. With the initiative of His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore and Chairman, Garden City Group of Institution and the guidance from the Principal, Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar, the administrative staff and the volunteers organized this Walkathon as a part of the ongoing events of Fresherism for the year 2015. Garden City College indeed strives to create dreamers, achievers and winners in all walks of life by standing up to their motto “Emphasis is on Life”. They did make an impact that would last to make a change in today’s society, transforming the world to a better place.

15th MEGA JOB FAIR 2015

The campus of Garden City College turned as host for many national as well as few international companies during the weekend. Graduates from different parts of Karnataka eagerly participated in the Job Mela. Esteemed companies like INFOSYS, Life Insurance Corporation of India, HDFC and Blue Dart along with few other developing companies were
satisfied with the response from the candidates. As expected, 75 companies and 3000 graduates have utilized the prodigious opportunity. Tangkamchi Ch.Marak, a final year student felt gratified as she was placed with M/s Similarly, the day proved important even for the companies as they got a chance to interview a whole lot of meritorious students. More than 2000 jobs were offered to the students, making the effort put by the placement cell of the college all the more worthwhile.

During the valedictory Garden City College sincerely acknowledged as well as appreciated the presence of all the companies which have participated in the Job Mela and expecting the same response from the companies as well as the graduates in the upcoming years.

Fresherism 2015

The much awaited event of the year, Fresherism started on 16th July 2015. This was a fortnight long event. During this time, students are judged on how they perform in several activities, both academics as well as non-academic events in order to make it to Top 50. This year, Fresherism started with a 3 days orientation programme which gave the way for students to know their friends, their staff members and policies of the college in which around 800 students participated. A preliminary events kick started with the painting, collage making, singing, dancing, instrumental, ramp walk, creative writing, emceeing, Flameless cooking, caption writing competitions, followed by Extempore, Eco creation, A beautiful Mind, Step up, Social Media Outreach, Pickathon, Placard making, Splash and Bash, Bid your Question and 30 seconds of fame. Our Principal Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar gave the welcome address to all freshers who were looking forward to creating a bright future with us.
The BHM team, in order to demonstrate their prowess in the field of hospitality and more specifically production, Chef Roshan Paully, Director of the Department of Hotel Management, and his team of young talented chefs in the making, on the 17th of July, took up the onus of rustling up some amazingly baked, cooked and decorated dishes. The occasion this time was the Persian Theme dinner, a tradition that Garden City College is proud of and includes an evening of fun, frolic and enjoyment for the freshman.
The journey witnessed the students competing on various grounds and in the end, out of 800 students, the top 100 competed for the Award of Fantastic 50. The Freshers day was when this was finally decided.
Freshers day was graced by our guest – Shri Omprakash, IPS (Director General & Inspector General of Police, Karnataka state, Bangalore). A motivating talk was delivered by him. He spoke about his belief that students are the future of this nation and that they must harness their energy into doing good for the people.
Then our guest and principal felicitated the Top 50 (announced at that moment of time).
At the end there was the address by His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G (Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore and Chairman of GCC College). He spoke with dedication and his words showed how much he loves the students of our college. This concluded the celebration of Fresherism 2015.

Reunion Day 2015

Like every year, this time too, GCC has succeeded in recreating a plethora of memories, events, and fun experienced by its alumni, when college was the only world they knew. On the event of his birthday which is also the Founder’s Day of GCC, the Chairman of the Garden City Group of Institutions, His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G., Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore, ensured that the alumni were reunited to celebrate and break bread with him. In his words, “Students are the foundation of this institution. Without them, we are nothing.” Lots of eating, chatting, photo clicking, gaming and a fun-filled three hours later, everyone was ushered into the auditorium for the formal programme. The Principal, Dr. Siddaramaiah Pujar’s welcome address was warm and enlightening, as he encouraged the alumni to enjoy themselves and aim for better things. After a video presentation on the reunion, the Treasurer of the Alumni Association of GCC presented the activity report. Following this the GCC Alumni Souvenir and GCC World magazine were released. His Excellency Dr. Joseph V.G. then delivered the presidential address where he thanked the alumni for their presence and encouraged them to support the college in all its future endeavors. Though the evening had ended, the celebrations had just begun. Everyone moved on to enjoy a special DJ night, organized for them, gyrating to the medley of songs, enjoying themselves to the “T.” The Barbeque party, that followed was the icing on the cake, which left everyone with sugar sweet taste buds and a celebration of cheerful memories.


On 6thJuly 2015, Yash Chawala the famous NDTV sports reporter visited Garden City College who was himself, once a part of this Institution. In an
interview with Riya Das, he revealed few unknown facts about himself and also discussed about the Organisation in which he is currently working.

Q1 How was your experience in GCC sir?
Ans) The experience was pretty good though I was not a regular student. College was fun, we used to enjoy Gardenia. At that time, I was carefree and had no idea what I want to do but I was always keenly interested in Journalism.
Q2 How was your journey from GCC to NDTV INDIA?
Ans) I always wanted to work with NDTV since that was the channel I grew up watching. So it was a dream come true and I am there where I always wanted to be.
Q3 Were you always into sports is that the reason you wanted to be a sports reporter?
Ans) Yes, I was always very much into sports so when I was working in productions I got a chance to be a sports reporter and that was the greatest moment for me.
Q4 Sir, you said that you have interviewed almost every cricketer who played in the last 15 years can you please enlighten us regarding the status of Indian cricket during these years?
Ans) Indian cricket has become very strong and impressive. Let’s begin with Kapil Dev, he made Indians believe that we can not only play cricket but also win the game. Then came the era of Sourav Ganguli, a very aggressive player who gave a whole new direction and dimension to Indian cricket and then came the captain cool, MS Dhoni, who is actually a very calm and composed man and who believes in long term goals. In between Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid captained Indian team but they were unable to make history, which they accepted as well.
Q5 NDTV came up with a whole new concept of advertisement saying, a news channel should be true and that the news presenters should not scream but still NDTV made headlines for negative reasons. What do you feel about it, Sir?
Ans) Most of the rumours may be right but it is like my home, as we all know every home has some good and some bad people but regardless of the differences all the members of the family live under one roof and stand by each other in tough times that is what even we do at NDTV.
Q6 NDTV had a major share in social causes like (‘save tigers’,’ greenathon’, ‘save girl child’ and popularising the tag line of ‘sarve shiksha abhayan’ i.e school chale hum) how do you feel about it?
Ans) We all work for a better life, but there is always a place where your emotion lies, by contributing in such social welfare programmes NDTV is trying to take a step towards the emotional connectivity with the people of this Nation. I should tell you that in 90% cases we have made a difference.

Interviewed by

Department of Tourism, Garden City College signs MOU with Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)

October 20, 2015 witnessed two giants coming together. One, a giant in the field of education and the other, a giant in the field of travel and tourism. Their aim, to recuperate the industry-academia relationship and to enhance the skills required to be a proficient part of the world’s largest “smokeless industry”.

The Memorandum of Understanding emphasized on introducing bridge course and value added trainings for the students, internship and placement assistance, bringing in stalwarts from the industry for interaction with students.

With the signing of this MOU, GCC becomes the first college in Karnataka and second college PAN India to do so. The event has attained media coverage in all leading newspapers, news portals and magazines.

Report on the National Conference Tec’afe 2K15.

On 29 September 2015, the Department of Computer Science organized a one day national conference Tec’afe 2K15 titled -“Convergence in Operational and Computational Technology 3rd Edition – COCT 2K15”.
The ground work for the conference commenced from July 2015. The department of Computer Science witnessed the fruit of their hard work and team spirit during this conference.
The day commenced with the registration at 9.00 am. The inaugural function commenced at 10.15 AM with 2 guests, Mr. Gerald Manoharan, Partner, JSA Adovcates and Solicitor and Mr. Sebastian Eddassery, Director, Financial Advisory Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited.
The Conference Proceeding with the ISBN No: 978 81 207 9876 2 was released during the inaugural function by the guests, Mr. Gerald Manoharan and Mr. Sebastian Eddassery .The issue editors of the Conference Proceedings were Prof. Vinothina and Prof. Madhavi Giridhar of the Computer Science Department.
The annual journal “OPTIMA – Journal of Physical Science” was also released by the guests Mr. Gerald Manoharan and Mr. Sebastian Eddassery. The 4th Volume of this journal is a Refereed Journal. This journal offered a platform for students and research scholars to publish their review articles providing foundation to their research work. The published papers are double-blind reviewed by experts and editorial members. The issue editor of OPTIMA Journal is Prof. Nagamani of Computer Science Department.
Mr. Gerald Manoharan delivered the Keynote address to the gathering followed by the Tea break. The next technical session was headed by Mr. Sebastian Eddasery on the topic “Digital Forensics – for effective fraud management”.
Post Lunch, there were paper presentations chaired by Dr. Narayan Singh, Professor, HKBK College and Dr. Ambika S, Professor, Kristu Jayanti College on various areas of expertise like Cloud Computing, Networking, Image processing, Data Mining, Software Engineering and Information Systems.
There were totally 115 participations including students.
In a nutshell, the conference helped all participants to invigorate a true core competence in the field of IT, to delve into various areas of research and to share the resources of mass knowledge among the IT fraternity.
I conclude this report by stating that Garden City College provided all academicians who participated in this conference a platform to share knowledge and to be at par with the challenging market demand.

Prof. Sibi Shaji
Department of Computer Science.


Kerala, a land of exemplary beauty and magnificent landscape is a promising coast of heavenly fields. Also known as ‘Gods Own Country’, the state is renowned for its ravishing backwaters, majestic hill tops and the scenic panorama. To perceive the cultural ambience of the state, Garden City College hosted the exhilarating event “Mazhavill 2015” on 3rd October, 2015.
Every year, Mazhavill is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. This year, the event brought up many elegant and dazzling performances on stage. The programme began with a lamp lighting ceremony and followed with a welcome dance which gave a perfect start to this event. It was followed by a classical stretch of various dance forms of Kerala –Thiruvathira Kali, Vattapattu, Margam Kali and Mohiniyattam. The satire comedy-based skit by the students brought a critical thinking into the current social and political issue. They also danced to various item numbers in Mollywood enacting and mimicking their favourite heroes. The culturals concluded with the fashion show showcasing the various outfits of Kerala by many glamorous faces on the ramp.
An inspiring and motivating speech was delivered by the Chief Guest, Mr. Johney Thomas – Deputy General Manager, Quality, Engine division HAL, Bangalore. He addressed the gathering with a greeting note for the forthcoming “Kerala Piravi” and the foregoing “ThiruOnam”. Recollecting the famous sonnet by the great poet Vallathol, he appreciated the effort made by the students and the management to conduct events like Mazhavill, which gives an opportunity for the scattered population to reunite and feel at home, graced by the rich traditional culture of the state. Dr Siddaramaiah Pujar, Principal, Garden City College of Science and Management Studies gave the presidential address and valued the vision of our chairman, His Excellency Dr. Joseph V G, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore, for conceptualizing such a novel thought.
After the mind blowing performances on stage, the students tested their strength on ground with a “Tug of War” competition .The students were not let down by the tiring competition as a feast of mouthwatering delicacies awaited them at the end of the day. Dishes like Kumarakam Kozhi Soup,Thiruvananthapuram Nadan Kozhi Sukha, Kappa Vevichathu, Ayyla Meen Malli Peralan, Koon and Pachakari Ullathiyathu, Mulagushyam, Vellarika Thair, Kandhari Chamandhi and Chukku Kaapi filled the hearts and souls of all present there.
The Kerala day which started as a reflection of Kerala culture left a deep impact in the minds of everyone that will never be forgotten.

Prof. Preethi Rajesh
Department of Life Sciences.

HAL (Hindustan Aeronotics Limited) vigilance department visited Garden City College

On 14th Oct 2015, HAL (Hindustan Aeronotics Limited) vigilance department visited Garden City College. They started with a video presentation highlighting their vision of becoming a significant global player in the aerospace industry. It helped the students to gain knowledge about the workings of HAL. They focus on achieving self-reliance in design, development, manufacture, upgrade and maintenance of aerospace equipment that diversifies into related areas. HAL also manages the business in a climate of growing professional competence to achieve world class performance standards to stand in the global competition and expand their growth in exports all around the world.
The foremost purpose of visiting GCC was to conduct Elocution competition amongst the students as a part of Awareness Programme on the eve of ‘Vigilance Awareness Week-2015′. Students from BCA as well as the MCA Dept. took part in the competition. The students actively took part and shared their views on the topic “Evil of Corruption and the Role of Youth in Fighting Corruption”. Some really amazing and surprising points came up from the participants which made the session a huge success.
Having a strong skill of presentation, Mr. Abhinav (MCA 1st year), emerged as a winner of the session for his good speaking skills and strong points he spoke against the corruption. Followed by that, Mr. Sidibi Thomas (MCA 1 year), Mr. Abdul Samee (MCA 1st year) and Mr. Jayanta Roy (BCA 2nd year) were selected for final round of elocution at Nehru auditorium, HAL Campus.
This conference was witnessed by Mr. Selvakumar (Chief Vigilance Officer, HAL), Ms. Srarasti (Asst.General Manager Vigilance dept. HAL), Prof. Meenatchi (HOD Comp. Sc. Dept). Our beloved principal, Dr. S. Pujar was also a part of the seminar. These esteemed guests also shared their views and played an active part of the session making it an important and an educative session for all the students present.
Samee Gangawali
1st year MCA